New Michelin agricultural tyres launched

NEXT GENERATION: Michelin has introduced a next generation version of its popular MachXBib agricultural tyres.

MICHELIN has introduced a new version of its popular MachXBib agricultural tyres, featuring a revised tread pattern designed to improve endurance, traction and resistance to stubble damage.

Ideally suited to high horse-power tractors, delivering be-

tween 160-300hp, the new MachXBib design will initially be launched in three sizes traditionally used on the front axle – 600/65 R28 154D/150E, 600/70 R28 157D/154E and 600/70 R30 158D.

Aimed at farmers whose tractors spend a similar amount of time working on soil and travelling on the road, the versatile, robust tyres are said to offer a step up in terms of tyre life versus the products they replace.

Key changes include a re-designed tread pattern offering a flatter contact patch, helping to achieve more regular tread wear; plus overlapping lugs which help to optimise road handling. A deep tread pattern ensures the tyres deliver maximum traction, whilst the lugs’ more rounded shape offers greater resistance to stubble damage.

The new tyres deliver a greater load capacity on the front axle, thanks to their ability to be inflated to higher pressures.

At 2.4 bar, the new 600/70 R30 158D MachXBib offers a front axle load capacity of up to 9,780kg in field conditions and at speeds of up to 30km/h.


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