New poultry season underway with Dromore Hard Feather Show

Ducks 31-10-19 SM Farm


Last Saturday (October 26) the Dromore Poultry Club ran the first of two hard feather shows with the event kindly sponsored by Frazer Feeds of Ballinaskeagh, Banbridge.

These specialist shows are very keenly contested with poultry exhibitors able to gauge the quality of the birds that they have hatched and reared this year and see the result of their selective breeding.

Some of the exhibitors on Saturday have been keeping game fowl for decades so to win any prize card at all is success in itself when up against some of the top poultry breeders in the UK and Ireland.

Speaking to Gareth Ingram, the show secretary, I learned that this was the biggest first hard feather show in years with an excellent turnout of Old English Game.

The next Dromore Hard Feather show is on Saturday, November 30, and incorporates the Northern Ireland Regional Modern Game Show.

If you wish to show at this event please contact Gareth Ingram on 07971 533551. He would like to thank all who took part in this show and the judges who gave up their valuable time.

Gareth said: “Big thank you to Frazer Feeds for their continued sponsorship to our shows. All eight of the Championship Row winners got a fantastic prize supplied by Frazers.”

Now to the top awards:

Show Champion was awarded to Austin and Robert Shaw for a Dark Red Old English Game male.

Reserve Show champion was Jonny and Mervyn Blaney’s blue/grey Carlisle pullet.

Reserve Best Old English Game was Peter O’Loughlin’s Blue Furnace Old English Game pullet.

Best of colours in Old English Game: Duckwing – Gareth Ingram; Dark Red – Austin and Robert Shaw;

Light Red – Scott Irwin;

Black – Austin and Robert Shaw;

Blue – Gareth Ingram;

Spangle – Austin and Robert Shaw;

Dark Furnace – Austin and Robert Shaw;

Polecat Furnace – Austin and Robert Shaw;

Blue Furnace – Peter O’Loughlin;

Pile – Peter O’Loughlin;

Crele – Peter O’Loughlin; Non Standard Colour – Gareth Ingram;

Off colour – Eugene O’Rourke;

Best Modern Game and Reserve Modern Game – Eugene O’Rourke; Duckwing – Gareth Ingram;

Brown Red – Jonny and Mervyn Blaney;

Best Carlisle – Jonny and Mervyn Blaney;

Reserve Best Carlisle – Austin and Robert Shaw;

Best Oxford – Gareth Ingram;

Best Under 16 – Eoin O’Rourke.


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