New Samsung phones are the best range on Android, experts say

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone, as Samsung has unveiled a new foldable smartphone alongside its latest flagship device
The new Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone, as Samsung has unveiled a new foldable smartphone alongside its latest flagship devices, which include new high-powered cameras and wider support for 5G.

Samsung’s new smartphones are the “best range of Android devices” available, according to industry experts.

Speaking after the tech firm unveiled its trio of Galaxy S20 devices and the Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone, Ernest Doku, mobiles expert at said the new camera systems in place instantly made the new devices stand out from the competition.

“Samsung has thrown everything, including the kitchen sink and a pail of water, at the S20 camera as it bids to become a picture powerhouse. This family of phones really is all about the camera,” he said.

“But it’s not just the camera that is hugely powerful. The S20 enjoys a 4,000mAh battery, up 18% from the S10, while the Ultra has 5,000mAh capacity – Samsung’s biggest phone power unit yet.

“Pricewise the S20 range is on a par with the iPhone 11, giving smartphone lovers a difficult choice when they come to pick their next device.

“Samsung’s flagship models have long been burdened by the expectation of being an ‘iPhone killer’.

“However this time the Korean manufacturer appears to have ignored that rivalry, pulling out all the stops to make arguably the best range of Android devices for a new decade.”

Samsung’s new foldable – the Galaxy Z Flip – was also met with early approval as experts got a first hands-on with the new device.

It is Samsung’s second foldable device, after 2019’s Galaxy Fold, which was it by initial screen issues and had to be delayed.

Ben Wood, chief of research and for analyst firm CCS Insight and technology expert said Samsung’s second device was a clear step forward.

“Samsung is unquestionably the most advanced player when it comes to smartphones with flexible displays,” he said.

“It learned some tough lessons with the first iteration of the Galaxy Fold, but subsequently created a product that has defied the critics, proved more robust than expected and has sold hundreds of thousands of units.

“The Galaxy Z Flip builds on that experience and it is immediately apparent that Samsung has gone to the next level in terms of hinge design and the finesse of the product, in particular the folding glass that protects the display.

“The Galaxy Z Flip is a different beast to the Galaxy Fold. This time it’s a true folding smartphone, rather than a smartphone with a mini-tablet hidden inside.

“I think this will be hugely appealing given how big flagship phones have become. I’m pretty confident the Flip is destined to be a hit in the foldables niche despite its high price tag.

“People like to have something different and the product feels like it has more universal appeal that its predecessor the Galaxy Fold.”

He added that while the Flip’s design would draw obvious comparisons with Motorola’s rebooted version of the Razr – which also features a vertically folding display – Samsung could have the edge in that area of the market.

“Although Motorola beat Samsung to the punch with the re-boot of the iconic Razr phone, we believe Samsung has the scale to take the concept beyond an extremely expensive niche, despite the high price tag the Galaxy Z Flip unsurprisingly commands,” he said.


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