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New tube ventilation system to help reduce livestock heat stress

GALEBREAKER has launched a brand new tube ventilation system for farmers looking to combat the negative effects of heat stress on livestock.

The VentTube Cool – the latest

addition to the successful VentTube range – provides a chill effect and replenishes barns and sheds with clean, fresh, equally dispersed air at animal level.

Fully retractable and more cost efficient than traditional fans, it addresses and solves the damaging impact of high ambient temperatures and damp environments on milk yield, fertilisation rates and animal comfort.

“The VentTube Cool has a unique design which allows it to distribute clean fresh air and provide a stable environment for livestock,” says William Johnson, Sales Manager at Galebreaker.

“With strategic air holes running down its length, the VentTube Cool quickly and easily optimises air circulation and removes the problems associated with traditional fans. The result is significantly improved animal productivity and far less instances of respiratory disease.”

The VentTube Cool is a perforat-ed retractable tube inflated by a specified fan. The fan, mounted to an outside wall, draws fresh clean air into the building which passes through a horizontally mounted tube. By providing outside air, internal bacteria and polluted inside air is pushed out of the building by the positive pressure principle.

Strategically sized and pos-itioned openings then direct the air giving a consistent airflow.

The innovative Retraction Sys-tem, unique to the VentTube Cool, reduces the surface area of the tube and minimises the risk of damage from crosswinds.

One customer said: “We have been running the VentTube Cool constantly since it was fitted and the results have been noticeable. This winter we had less instances of pneumonia, which we believe was due to better ventilation and movement of air in the building. During the autumn and winter months, when the air outside is cold and still, we found that the VentTube Cool helped to push the stale, warm air out and bring in fresh, clean air.”



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