New Year League continues for Kilkeel club

Kilkeel RC BR Farm
80CM SENIOR: Shannon Morgan on ‘Cassie’ (second) and Tierna Harper on ‘Jessie’ (first) were winners in the 80cm Senior class. (FW06-586NN)

KILKEEL and District Riding Club continued with their New Year League at the Gamekeepers Lodge Equestrian Centre. This points-based league, kindly sponsored by ENE Ltd, Banbridge, will run every Friday night until the final, which is on February 8. Course walk from 6.30pm, classes run from cross-poles up to 90cm/ 1m.

Upcoming events

70CM JUNIOR: Rosette winners in the 70cm Junior class at the Kilkeel and District Riding Club league. (FW06-585NN)

February 16 – Members Show at Charlie’s Wilson’s at 10am. Classes are Beginners, Novice, Intermediate, Open, and Tack and Turnout.

DRESS CODE: Show Jackets Please.

Everyone is welcome – open to members and non-members (FREE to all fully paid up members).

Friday, March 8 – Dinner Dance at the Harbour Inn. Details to follow.


Friday, January 18 (Week 2)

Cross-poles – 40cm Juniors: 1) Connie Gray, Duke; 2) John Tominlson, Tilly; 3) Layla Imrie, Billy; 4) Molly Byrne, Dougal.

50cm Juniors: 1) Emily Chestnut, Dougal; 2) Layla Imrie, Billy; 3) Connie Gray, Duke; 4) Aimee Long, Millie; 5) Molly Byrne, Dougal; 6) Katie Niblock, Millie.

60cm Juniors: 1) Katie Niblock, Millie; 2) Aimee Long, Millie; 3) Emily Chestnut, Dougal.

70cm Juniors: 1) Molly McGinn, Lizzy; 2) Molly Magorrian, Roxy; 3) Sarah Jayne Trainor, Kandi; 4) Ruairi Murnion, Rice; 5) Caitlin Trainor, Star.

70cm Seniors: 1) Tierna Harper, Jessie.

80cm Juniors: 1) Charley Hanna, Drummer; 2) Charley Hanna, Trigger; 3) Molly McGinn, Giggles; 4) Caitlin Trainor, Star; 5) Molly McGinn, Lizzy; 6) Grianne Rooney, Joey; 7) Molly Magorrien, Roxy.

80cm Seniors: 1) Tierna Harper, Jessie; 2) Shannon Morgan, Cassie; 3) Kerrie Cunningham, Molly.

90cm Juniors: 1) Charley Hanna, Drummer.

RED RIBBON: Charley Hanna on ‘Drummer’ won the 90cm Junior class at the Kilkeel and District Riding Club league. (FW06-584NN)

90cm Seniors: 1) Ruth Baird, Homer; 2) Kerrie Cunningham, Peaches.


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