NI fanciers flock to Carlisle Spring Auction

Ducks 28-2-19 SM Farm


The Carlisle event is one of the largest poultry auctions and saw breeders coming together to view over 2,500 lots from Appenzellers to Frillback pigeons, and all forms of poultry.

The birds are graded on the day by poultry judges with the ultimate Champion being a pair of Rouen ducks for Mr Howard Walmsley.

This grading gives novices an idea as to the quality of the birds they

are looking at potentially pur-chasing from exhibition specimens, breed-ing quality to pets, and allows them to make informed decisions when bidding.

Trade was brisk with white Call ducks making up to £340 a trio. Large white Wyandottes to £300, Orpingtons to £340 for two pullets.

A great spectacle to see and an opportunity to see some breeds not often witnessed in Northern Ireland, as well as getting an all important outcross when required.

Peebles Poultry Show

In addition to the Carlisle Auction, the weekend saw the Peebles Championship Show. Local fanciers Geoffrey Weir, Peter Hamill, Ryan Liggett and Daniel Moore joined a team of six other judges to cast their eyes over the exhibits.

Peter, being well known for his Call ducks, undertook the task of the Waterfowl and rare breeds, placing a fine German Pekin duck as Best Waterfowl, with a Silver Krainkoppe pullet winning the Best Rare Breed.

Daniel judged the True Bantams and Young Handlers and Juveniles with a black Pekin becoming the Best Juvenile.

The Peebles Show is an area show for the Serama and Pekin clubs with separate breed club judges for these breeds. The Champion True Bantam was a White Pekin cock for Richard Swale from Carlisle.

Ryan Liggett judged the light bantams, including a Hamburgh Regional Show for the Hamburgh Club.

Ryan said: “I have to admit to never having judged some of the native Scottish breeds before as they are rarely seen in Northern Ireland but in their homeland the standard was very high with a beautiful Scots Grey cockerel being awarded Best Light Bantam.”

This was Geoffrey Weir’s first time judging, but his experience with large fowl and OEG is well founded.

He soon went through the heavy bantams, placing an excellent bodied and coloured buff rock as his section winner for B and C Slater. This bird was to be placed as Reserve Show Champion, so I believe Geoffrey will have to keep his judging tie at the ready for future appointments.

Peebles has a very novel system for the decision of Show Champion. Normally judges come together to discuss the merits of particular exhibits and make a decision. However, in Peebles a voting system is employed. The resultant verdict was that Richard Swale’s white Pekin was Show Champion. It certainly was a beautiful specimen with a wealth of feathers rarely seen. It is a lovely location for a show and I would like to express my thanks on behalf of the NI fanciers for the warm Scottish welcome and I would encourage the Northern Ireland fanciers to consider it as a show to visit.


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