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NI Nuffield Scholars set to present findings

THE 2019 Nuffield Farm-

ing Scholars are to present their study findings as part of a virtual Nuffield Fa-

rming mini-conference series.

Due to the cancellation of the 2020 Nuffield Farming conference due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Nuffield Farm-ing Scholarships (NFST) has taken the opportunity to make the event accessible in an online format.

The Northern Irish scholars presenting their findings

are Mark Little and Barry O’Boyle.

Each event will consist of three to four live Scholar presentations, followed by a

Q&A session with all pre-senting Scholars to take questions from viewers.

Scholars will be grouped by study subject areas, and the events will take place every Wednesday at noon-1.30pm from October 21 to November 18.

Barry O’Boyle will speak on ‘Opportunities for Farmers to Grow Wealth in the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ in the ‘Systems’ session on October 21.

Mark Little’s topic will be ‘Feeding for Health, Combating Antimicrobial Resistance’ in the ‘Antibiotics and Microbes’ session on November 18.

Both Scholars were spon-sored by The Thomas Henry Foundation.

“Having the conference in

this online format allows our scholars to share the invaluable knowledge and experiences they have gained as part of their scholarship study, at a time when opportunities to meet and travel are limited,” says Mike Vacher, Director of Nuffield Farming.

“During 2020, the Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust has expanded our online presence to help bring the industry together for interesting and pertinent discussions, and this conference series will be a perfect finale to a year of virtual events.”



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