NSA sheepdog training clinics


THE National Sheep Association is delighted to announce sheepdog training clinics planned for this Spring starting in February.

The NSA understands the need for quality trained sheepdogs of various breeds. Anyone who has had the pleasure of working sheep with a well trained dog will know the efficiency of having a good sheepdog.

The demand for working dogs in Northern Ireland shows just how important the dog is on sheep farms, both hill and lowland. Even in these days of quad bikes and 4X4s the dog is an indispensable part of the shepherding team.

Farmers are being told that they must adopt lower labour, easier care systems, but these systems are impossible without an easy, one man method of gathering and moving sheep. Without a dog, moving sheep can become a daunting and stressful operation often needing the whole family, but with a well trained collie it becomes much simpler, and with a little practice for both man and dog, it can become a pleasure.

The course is designed to meet the needs of both beginners and experienced handlers as well as those at every level in between.

The NSA will be partnering with local handler Gerard Graham, Portglenone. Gerard has a wealth of sheepdog training and handling experience and is looking forward to helping handlers on the day. The first course will take place on February 23, 10am-4pm at the farm of Gerard Graham. The course will be free to NSA members, non-members can attend by pre-paying a fee.


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