On-farm learning proves innovative

n Dairy technology demonstration farmer Stephen Gibson from Hillsborough in Co Down pictured on his farm.

STEPHEN Gibson from Hillsborough in County Down is a dairy farmer and a past student of CAFRE’s Greenmount Campus.

In autumn 2019, he was appointed as one of CAFRE’s technology demonstration farmers and this has given him the opportunity to help others learn from his own experiences.

n Technology demonstration farmer Stephen Gibson from Hillsborough in Co Down pictured hosting a Technology Demonstration Farm visit. :

Recently he hosted a visit from a group of young farmers from the County Down area who learned about feed efficiency on his farm. Stephen said: “I have really benefited from my studies at CAFRE. After completing my Level 2 Certificate in Agriculture in 2015, I continued to develop my knowledge of agriculture by learning from the other members of my local dairying Business Development Group (BDG).

“However, as a technology demonstration farmer I am able to help other people learn about new technologies in feed efficiency. Recently I was pleased to welcome a group of young farmers to my farm. Young people in agriculture are leading the way ahead in technology adoption on the farm. Seeing innovations in a real life practical setting gives them a great learning experience.

“We run a herd of 105 dairy cows and followers with the majority of the herd calving in the winter and with the aim of maximising milk from grass during the grazing season. I love farming and am always keen to learn and keep up to date with new ideas and under the feed efficiency theme, I am excited by the prospect of groups of farmers coming to visit my farm to share ideas on how technology can improve farm businesses.”

Stephen Gibson is one of four Dairy Technology Demonstration Farms which host visits under the themes of Cow Mobility or Feed Efficiency. If you know of a group that would like to arrange a visit, please visit: www.cafre.ac.uk/industry-support/technology-demonstration-farms/ for more information.

The Business Development Groups Scheme and Technology Demonstration Farm Scheme are part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).


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