One-two for Jodie at Portmore Arena Eventing

Portmore BR Farm
ACTION: Robyn McFadden in action in the 1m class at the Arena Eventing at Portmore. (FW03-541JG)

THE second week of the popular Bluegrass Arena Eventing took place at Portmore Equestrian Centre, Aghalee at the weekend. There was a great turnout for all the classes, with everyone getting their chance to qualify for the £1,000 prize fund in the final.

Please note that competitors must jump three weeks out of the five to qualify for the prize fund in the final. For more information, contact 07738 834261 or follow them on facebook or go on website

75CM: Michelle McConnell on ‘Sunday Morning’, winner of the 75cm class at the Arena Eventing at Portmore. (FW03-540JG)


Sunday, January 13

Week 2

75cm: 1) Michelle McConnell, Sunday Morning; 2) Stephen Lavery, Harley; 3) Hannah Jennison, Jumpingdale Joy.

85cm: 1) Katie Haire, GG; 2) Sarah Curran, Barney; 3) Emily Rooney, April; 4) Stephen Greene, Run this Town.

1m: 1) Katie McLaughlin, Bobby; 2) Kerry Magill, Toffee; 3) Julie Donaghy Simpson, Hes The Lad; 4) Camella McDowell, Jeanie; 5) Hannah Thompson, Sophie; 6) Courtney Sloan, Sionnach.

1M WINNER: Katie McLoughlin on her way to winning the 1m class with ‘Bobby’ at Portmore’s Arena Eventing. (FW03-539JG)

1.10m: 1) Jodie Creighton, Spencer; 2) Jodie Creighton, Breena; 3) Joanne Jarden, Kaly.


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