Online Food Microbiology course offered at CAFRE

LEFT: Russell Ramage, Food Technologist in the Laboratory at Loughry Campus.

The College of Agriculture Food & Rural Enterprise, Loughry Campus, will be releasing an online course, ‘Food Microbiology for non-Microbiologists’ next week.

The course will be delivered completely online, in six manageable sections, with participants able to access the interactive lectures at a time and place which suits them.

The course will go live from January 18 and will be available for a number of weeks.

Food Microbiology is a key science within the modern food industry and includes the study of microorganisms that either reduce the shelf-life of our foods or are dangerous to human health.

Some, of course, are useful and are used to create some of the everyday products we consume such as cheese, bread and yoghurt.

According to Course Co-ordinator Russell Ramage, ‘Food Microbiology for Non-Microbiologists’ will consider the important food related spoilage organisms and pathogens.

“We will take a look at where they originate in our production environments and examine the factors necessary for their growth and multiplication.

“We will also highlight some of the strategies we can employ to control them within modern food production areas and look at how food testing laboratories conduct microbiological analyses and report their findings.”

The course is aimed at those with limited food microbiological experience or for staff working in the food industry who would like to build on their existing knowledge.

Interactive presentations populated with quizzes will help reinforce learning and enhance the online learning experience.

Further support will be available at the end of each section with contact details provided for those on the course.

n For more information and to register for this course, please visit the CAFRE website


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