Online league with Dressage Ireland Northern Region

DINR online dressage BR Farm
PRELIM: Right, Kerry Sloan and ‘Ace of Clubs’ participated in Prelim classes in the online dressage league. (FW31-556NN)

OVER lockdown, Dressage Ireland Northern Region (NR) ran an online dressage league. Thank you to judges Ivor Harper and Debbie Osborough for their input each week.


TREBLE: Left, Jill Hobson won three championships on her two mounts in the online dressage league - Novice, Elementary and Freestyle. (FW31-555NN)

Prelim championship: Samantha O’Sullivan, Red Park Clover.

Novice championship: Jill Hobson, The Alchemist.

Elementary championship: Jill Hobson, The Alchemist.

Freestyle championship: Jill Hobson, Furisto Seven for a Secret.


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