Opening and closing silo 12 times

ON THE TOP: The Silage Safe System means no waste on the top of the silo.

IT has been a very challenging year at RAMGen Ltd, given the long wet start to the year, leaving work only really kicking off in April, a situation many others will find familiar.

Bernard Fox told FarmWeek: “With 2017 still fresh in our minds and the fact that it had rained for nearly 10 months straight, we cut our first cut the first chance we got in May, not knowing how warm and dry it was going to turn out.

OPENING: No waste despite the silo being opened numerous occasions this year.

“This set the scene for most farms, an early first cut taken in May in case rain persisted, a low yielding second cut due to the extreme warm dry conditions, and a bumper third cut with persistent rain returning two weeks before it is ready to cut.

“But again I’m happy to say that our Silage Safe System is one of the main tools helping us to work through these difficult conditions. It has allowed us to rapidly open and close with minimal effort and zero waste, to target smaller batches of land and specific fields to ensure they are cut at their optimum quality.

“With the ability to layer each cut over the full surface area, it is now that we are really seeing the results from the consistently high feed-out quality from top to bottom and zero visible waste,” concluded Bernard.


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