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MAR 28 Subaru BR Farm
AT THE FRONT: The Subaru Outback is firmly at the front and is simply the finest of country estates. (FW13-500NN)

WHAT would your perfect horsebox tow vehicle be? If you compiled a “wish list” to complement the weekend’s trailering, plus serve your family’s motoring needs for the rest of the week, how would that look?

Factors to consider would surely include ample power, space for five plus riding gear, great visibility and comfort, frugal on juice, reliable, longevity, towing stability under load, consummate off road ability and high-end equipment specification as standard – all at a great price with 0% 50:50 finance or a low rate PCP deal – would be a fine dream list.

At Subaru, dreams come true. Their superb Outback answers this conundrum for the clever few who do their homework well. It is simply the finest of country estates, a strong, long wheelbase chassis, huge ground clearance, with Subaru’s legendary full time symmetrical all wheel drive delivering ample power acceleration and grip to each corner, on and off road. It is the perfect horsebox tow vehicle up to two tonnes – solo hitching is child’s play, thanks to great all round visibility and widescreen reverse camera.

Getting stuck in muddy paddocks is for other drivers. Difficult downhill off road towing becomes simple by engaging X-mode, the electronics assume control and distribute power to the wheels with most grip, until back on the tarmac. The supersmooth 2.5 litre Boxer engine sits low in the chassis, minimising pitch and roll, on all surfaces.

Endless torque is delivered smoothly through Subaru’s own seven gear preset automatic transmission. Their SUV range comes with a five year/ 100,000 mile warranty as standard, which says everything you need to know about Japanese build quality, and reliability.

Trim, fit and finish inside the Outback is impeccable, with cavernous leg and headroom for the biggest of riders. Choose from 559 litres of luggage space plus five occupants or an enormous 1848 litres with the rear seats folded.

For £30,000, you get Eye Sight driver assist as standard, collision avoidance technology that has not only been proven in Europe to reduce incidents by over 60%, but also hailed as best in class by the American Insurers Association. Eye Sight uses twin stereoscopic cameras to effectively “read” road conditions ahead and should not be confused with cheaper crude competitor beam sonar systems.

Outback is the vehicle of choice for vets, 999 first responders, pilots and other drivers, who demand 24/7/365 mobility, in any conditions. Subaru buyers keep their vehicles for 10 years on average, a sure indication the Brand have got their designs just right.

Worldwide demand outstrips production and the average buyer will wait six to eight weeks for their new Subaru, which keeps residual values strong and fuels value for money sales of ex-demonstrators at Eastwood Motors Lisburn and Western Cars Enniskillen.

Increasingly stringent Euro legislation heralds the demise of diesel in the future – the last few Outback diesels can still be snapped up if you’re quick.

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