Over 1800 YFCU members take part in stock judging competition

n Winner of the 25-30 year sheep class was Phillip Donaldson from Donaghadee YFC.

GOVERNMENT restrictions meant that this year’s Stock Judging Competition was held online without members visiting well-respected farms across the country. The online platform was similar to the normal competition with members judging two rings and one assessment animal.

The Association was rather dubious about this move, however the members came out in force to support this initiative. Overall, over 1800 members took part in the competition.

n Winner of the 18-21 year old sheep class was Kimberley Johnston from Crumlin YFC. :

YFCU would like to take this opportunity to thank Ulster Bank for their continued sponsorship of the competition.


12-14 – 1st Matthew Hunter, Kesh; 2nd James Gregg, Glarryford; 3rd Max Waston, Coleraine; 4th Emma Kinnear, Bleary.

14-16 – 1st Emma Knox, Crumlin; 2nd Ashley Neill, Collone; 3rd Victoria Currie, Kilraughts; 4th Sarah Hawkes, Seskinore.

16-18 – 1st James Currie, Kilraughts; 2nd Zara Davis, Lylehill; 3rd Sarah Ross, Collone; 4th Julie-Anne King, Collone.

18-21 – 1st Kimberley Johnston, Crumlin; 2nd Alan Fleming, Cappagh; 3rd David Moore, Holestone; 4th Bobby Wilson, Collone.

21-25 – 1st Helen Laird, Bleary; 2nd Ian Walker, Collone; 3rd Cathy Holmes, Curragh; 4th Ryan Adams, Coleraine.

25-30 – 1st Phillip Donaldson, Donaghadee; 2nd Stuart Cromie, A&M; 3rd Amy Richardson, Bleary; 4th Michael Torrens, Garvagh.


12-14 – 1st Steven Mitchell, Annaclone & Magherally; 2nd James Patton, Ballywalter; 3rd Jamie Milligan, Collone; 4th Jack Keys, Seskinore.

14-16 – 1st Ashley Neill, Collone; 2nd Lucy Dunne, Kesh; 3rd Ivanna Strawbridge, Coleraine; 4th Laura Hunter, Newtownstewart.

16-18 – 1st Grahame Holmes, Curragh; 2nd Sarah Ross, Collone; 3rd Jill Forsythe, Glarryford; 4th Gareth Miskimmin, Ballywalter.

18-21 – 1st Nicola Mitchell, Annaclone & Magherally; 2nd Jack Stewart, Holestone; 3rd Aimee Agnew. Holestone; 4th Nadine Hunter, Kesh.

21-25 – 1st Lynsay Hawkes, Seskinore; 2nd Ruth Adams, Coleraine; 3rd Claire Holmes, Curragh; 4th Helen Laird, Bleary.

25-30 – 1st Andrew Patton, Newtownards; 2nd Jane Patton, Newtownards; 3rd Richard Marshall, Clanabogan; 4th Elaine Crozier, Collone.


12-14 – 1st Sophie McAllister, Kells & Connor; 2nd Grace George, Collone; 3rd Rebecca George, Collone; 4th Steven Mitchell, Annaclone & Magherally.

14-16 – 1st Lucy Rodgers, Spa; 2nd Allister Crawford, Seskinore; 3rd James Russell, Moneyrea; 4th Amy Smyth, Coleraine.

16-18 – 1st Grahame Holmes, Curragh; 2nd Anna Clements, Spa; 3rd Amy Breeze, Spa; 4th Rachel Kinnear, Bleary.

18-21 – 1st Ellen Young, Spa; 2nd Alan Fleming, Cappagh; 3rd David Moore, Holestone; 4th Rebecca McBratney, Newtownards.

21-25 – 1st Ruth Adams, Coleraine; 2nd Trent Brown, Seskinore; 3rd Emma Rodgers, Spa; 4th William Parkinson, Lisbellaw.

n James Currie from Kilraughts was the winner of the 16-18 year sheep class. :

25-30 – 1st Stuart Cromie, Annaclone & Magherally; 2nd Samuel Graham, Killinchy; 3rd Philip Rosborough, Curragh; 4th Louise Wyllee-Davies, Cookstown.


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