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Perfect conditions for Youngster and Five-Star Tour at The Meadows

PERFECT conditions greeted athletes from all over Ireland as they came to the Meadows Equestrian Centre, Lurgan on Saturday, May 29, for the first running of the Five-Star and Youngster Tour in Northern Ireland for 2021.

The brainchild of horse enthusiast and entrepreneur, Oonagh Kennedy, the Youngster Tour builds on its national success from 2020, offering classes for horses ranging from four years to eight years of age. Whereas building on last year’s success of the Youngster Tour, the Five-Star tour offers classes for all grades and ability of riders.

Arena 1 started the morning with the One-Star Qualifier; in the arena, Course Designers Aaron McCusker and Alan Lynch were on duty to test the ability of these horses and riders. Over what was a flowing course, 15 combinations made it through the course without penalty.

Following this, a large entry in both the Three- and Four-Star competitions made for some exciting timed phases. Once again, the on site course design team tested combinations, reducing the numbers into the second phase. Rounding off a remarkably busy day in the Main Arena was the 1.25-1.30m Five-Star class. The fastest combination to make it through the two rounds without penalty was Gareth Nethercote with his own ‘CHS Hoochie Coochie’. The bay gelding by ‘Harlequin Du Carel’ kept all the rails in the cups to claim the top spot.

Over in arena 2, the competition remained in full swing for most of the day, with over 180 young horses passing through the arena. In the Seven- and Eight-Year-Old Qualifier, with a start list of 36 combinations, the gauntlet was set by McCusker and Lynch once more, whose efforts tested the minds of both horse and rider. Drawn eighth to go on the start list, Barry Griffin set a blistering time to win the class with the ‘Diamond Roller’ bay mare, ‘SBH Diamond in the Rough’, stopping the clock in 27.88 seconds, just ahead of John O’Hagan with ‘CHS Interception’.


Saturday, May 29


1* (85-90cm): =1) Laura Gordon’s Brayhill Wonder, Laura Gordon; Samantha O’Connor’s Hollypark Lancelot, Dairine OConnor; Sabrina Bermingham’s Bella Donna (IPSA), Laura Snow; Karen Glendinning’s Cluide Mist, Karen Pearson; Glenn Martin’s Summerbridge Royale, Glenn Martin; Kendra Reynolds’s Woldhoeve’s I’m so Gentle, Kendra Reynolds; Damien O’Hagan’s Lisnamulligan Bridget, Damien O’Hagan; Luke Barton’s Capri O Z, Luke Barton; Conor McCabe’s Innishannon Echo, Conor McCabe; Angela McGreevy’s Diamond Daydream, Anthea Steele; Victoria Boville’s Call Me Cool, Victoria Boville; Dale Hyndman’s Benny Be, Dermot McAlaney; Paula Dowling’s Keenogue Zambertino, Paula Dowling; Michaela Murphy’s Tin Town Boy, Michaela Murphy; Niccola Hall’s Casanova, Niccola Hall.

2* (95cm -1m): =1) Patrick Ward’s Ardnaglass Lizzy, Patrick Ward; Niamh Mallon McFall’s Bay of Biscay, Niamh Mallon McFall; Jayne Clarke’s TC Miss Vendi, James Lewis Johnston; Karen Pearson’s Hanley News, Karen Pearson; Eline de Vries’s Euro Dollar, Eline de Vries; Doreen McAleer’s Elamo Cobras Diamond Girl, Mary McAleer; Sabrina Bermingham’s Bella Donna (IPSA), Laura Snow; Simon Fay’s Ballyogan Vivendi, Nicola Hughes; Rebecca Sim’s CHS Bondi Beach, Rebecca Sim; Carmel Conroy’s Killarn PG, Claire Conlon; Rebecca Loney’s Claggan Clover Ark, Courtney Sloan; Glenda McBride’s Carrickglen Diamond, Abby Morton; George Pearson’s SVS Eclipse, Daisy Pearson; Joanne Clough’s Hey Jupiter, Craig Hills; Alison Higgins’s Nika K, Alison Higgins; Niamh McDaid’s Castledoe Olive, Niamh McDaid; Stephen McCormick’s Billy Winchester, Amy McCormick; Dervla Boylan’s Tanglemane Magical Flame, Dervla Boylan; Brenda Carville’s Castlelodge Osmium Rose, Charlotte Harding; Glenn Martin’s Beach House, Ellie Rose Martin; Claire Gordon’s Chutterfly WS Z, Claire Gordon; Amanda Ellen McCracken’s Concorde’s Clover Bay, Charlotte Harding; Avril Gibson’s “K”, Stephen Gibson; Sophie Dunn’s Carrickview Cliche cv, Sophie Dunn; Louise Houston’s Ballybrack Tom, Louise Houston; Maureen Moore’s Cassclo Beach, Abby Morton; Dale Hyndman’s Gorteen Kimberley, Nicole McGhee; Zoe Emma Donohoe’s Ballyheerin Double Victory, Zoe Emma Donohoe; Mariclaire Bell’s NewMarket Ruby, Mariclaire Bell; Michaela Murphy’s Tin Town Boy, Michaela Murphy; Nigel Crowe’s Fuerty Reigning Lady, Hallie Crowe; Melanie Zoe Geddis’s Calry Sligo Candy Girl, Melanie Zoe Geddis; Jenna McConnell’s O Coevers Dream, Jenna McConnell.

3* (1.05m- 1.10m): 1) Liam Kavanagh’s Market Angel, Aine Kavanagh; 2) Rachelle Harding’s Crossmaglen Bandit, Charlotte Harding; 3) Dermot McAlaney’s Thomas (KWPN), Dermot McAlaney; 4) Niccola Hall’s Ladykiller, Niccola Hall; 5) Dermot McAlaney’s Flighty Sally, Dermot McAlaney; 6) Nicola FitzGibbon’s RNH Parisian Blue, Nicola FitzGibbon.

4* (1.15m- 1.20m): 1) Jayne Clarke’s Velvet Flare, Charlotte Harding; 2) Liam Kavanagh’s Market Angel, Aine Kavanagh; 3) Dermot McAlaney’s Thomas (KWPN), Dermot McAlaney; 4) Joanna Curran’s Intis, Joanna Curran; 5) Lisa Rosbotham’s Lotus Van ‘t Nachtegalehof, Lisa Rosbotham; 6) David Conlon’s Tullyneagh, Alfie Adair.

5* (1.25m – 1.30m): 1) Gareth Nethercote’s CHS Hoochie Coochie, Gareth Nethercote; 2) Samantha Dale’s Roundthorn Hercules, Olivia A Roulston; 3) Sarah Riley’s DHI No Fear, Clare Abbott; 4) Jaymie Crawford’s Crystal Ben Magna, Jaymie Crawford; 5) Brogen McCrum’s Tailormade For Me, Brogen McCrum; 6) Lisa Rosbotham’s Lotus Van ‘t Nachtegalehof, Lisa Rosbotham.


Four-Year-Old Youngster Tour (80cm-85cm): =1) McFadden Equine’s Aristotle Jack, Mackenzie Healy; Lorraine Leavesley’s Baile An Doire Emerald, Lorraine Leavesley; Cormac McElroy’s Caolies Leap, Cormac McElroy; Thomas McDaid’s Castledoe Companion, Stacey Watling; Aoife Kelly & TR Sporthorses’s Cushlas Imperro, Tom Hearne; Joanna Curran’s Drumcullens Candy Bar, Zoe Connolly; Anthea Steele’s Flagstaff King, James Lewis Johnston; Nigel Crowe’s Fuerty Reigning Lady, Hallie Crowe; Charlotte Eakin’s Gannon Hiello Blue, Charlotte Eakin; Melanie Davidson’s Gypsy Prince (ISH), Melanie Davidson; Joe Harris’s Hector Cabrio, Charlene Clingan; Caitilin Taggart’s Heidi Van d’Abdijhoeve, Caitilin Taggart; Janie Cairns’s Kensington Absolute, Janie Cairns; Michelle McElhatton’s Ludo’s Promise, Barry McCormack; Charlene Clingan’s Lurox, Charlene Clingan; Dawn Clerkin’s Maxinamillion (HSI), William Anderson; Stephen Gibson’s MGS-Serendipity, Stephen Gibson; Emily McGuinness’s More Than A Womanizer, Emily McGuinness; Nicola Tang’s Neat Regina, Jonathan Smyth; Luke Barton’s Royal Luxery, Luke Barton; Aedi McCaughey’s Top De Semilly, Ryan O’Neill.

Five-Year-Old Youngster Tour (90cm-1m): =1) Peter Mulrine’s Admiran Athena, Catherine Thornton; Marble Arch Equine Ltd c/o Bernard Conlon’s Ball Park (ISH), Matthew Conlon; Kiara Malcolmson’s Ballievey Beachball, Kiara Malcolmson; Zoe Emma Donohoe’s Ballyheerin Double Victory, Zoe Emma Donohoe; Daryl Somerville’s Bluestone Cyranno Diamond, Daryl Somerville; Mackenzie Healy’s BVS Rising Tide, Mackenzie Healy; Kathryn O’Hagan’s CAFRE Scarlett luxann, Kathryn O’Hagan; Willie Craig’s Castle Ferro Cruis, Jonathan Smyth; Niamh McDaid’s Castledoe Olive, Niamh McDaid; Tracey Gallagher’s CBI Heart Stopper, Tracey Gallagher; Louise Craig’s Cherry Wine, Louise Craig; Anne Torrens’s Cool Garcon, Jennifer Torrens; Eric Smith’s Corkhill Black Ice, Eric Smith; Jessica McConnell’s Cornascriebe Derryinver, Jessica McConnell; Heather Steele’s CSF Chanel, Heather Steele; Rachel Whann’s Daquin De Muze, Rachel Whann; Willie Craig’s Fyfin Ramiro, Jennifer Torrens; Gillian Creighton’s Glenaguile View, Jodie Creighton; Laura Brown-McCann’s Gracefield Mufasa, Laura Brown-McCann; Patricia Kavanagh’s Harvest Moon (IHR), Catherine Thornton; Cali O’Donnell’s Hazels Joy, Jonathan Smyth; Brian Kieran’s HTS Redrock, John Floody; Norman Watt & Olivia Roulston’s Lammy Chipanix, Olivia A Roulston; Laura Snow’s Mariko Candy Boy, Laura Snow; Caroline Gaston’s MB Sandro Star, John Higgins; Charlotte Gibson’s Merlons Maytrix, Lucy Gibson; Amy Smyth’s Mount Mary Breeze, Amy Smyth; Jenna McConnell’s O Coevers Dream, Jenna McConnell; Jennifer Torrens’s One of These Days, Jennifer Torrens; Rachelle Harding’s RJC Second Bet, Charlotte Harding; Catherine Thornton’s RNH Coco Chanel, Catherine Thornton; David Williams’s Wellview Lux Quality, Louise Craig.

Six-Year-Old Youngster Tour (1.05.m-1.10m): =1) Nicola FitzGibbon’s Camira Blue, Nicola FitzGibbon; Robert McKee’s Dark Art, Robert McKee; Isla Acheson’s Emoe Marley, Isla Acheson; Linda Courtney’s LCC Emerald Vigo, Annie Courtney-Cadam; Linda Courtney’s LCC Lui Two, Annie Courtney-Cadam; Eirin Corbett’s Rathnaleen Banksy, Jonny Mulligan; Nicola FitzGibbon’s RNH Parisian Blue, Nicola FitzGibbon; Mary McShane’s TC High Quality, Mary McShane; Sharon Eadie’s Vanderbitt, Emma Jackson; Diana Cody’s Gold Trend, Tom Hearne; Eric Smith’s Lachain Piper, Eric Smith; Anne Torrens’s Gifted New Year, Jennifer Torrens; Tara Dunne’s Albytwo, Tara Dunne; Joanna Curran’s Drumcullen Lady, Joanna Curran; Richard J W Smyth’s Mulvin Cliodam, Jaymie Crawford; David Conlon’s Beach Toy, Sharon Conlon; Linda Courtney’s DPS Dunkirk, Annie Courtney-Cadam; Maurice Bingham’s Harlequins Butterfly, Maurice Bingham; Ivan Fleming’s Ritter, Hannah Fleming; Seamus Duffy’s Talking Heads, Hannah Joyce; Sara Coyle’s Cortango, Hugo McAlpine; Jane Kealey’s Danny Boy II, Jane Kealey; Jerry Clyne’s Glynnwood Ziroza Parisblue, Catherine Thornton; Margaret Ward’s Tullyoran Candy Ride, Ellen Ward; Eric Smith’s Corkhill Quality, Eric Smith.

Seven- and Eight-Year-Old Youngster Tour (1.10m- 1.15m): 1) Barry Griffin’s SBH Diamond In The Rough, Barry Griffin; 2) Kathryn O’Hagan’s CHS Interception, John O’Hagan; 3) Ivan Fleming’s Kovali K, Hannah Fleming; 4) Ashleigh Carlisle’s MT Evangelista, Jonny Mulligan; 5) Stephanie Morrison’s TH First Lady, Stephanie Morrison; 6) Diana Cody’s Cove Park, Lisa Doogan.

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