Perfect show jumping conditions at Connell Hill

Connell Hill SJ BR Farm
1M: Lynn Lowry and ‘Prince’ jumped clear in the 1m horse class at Connell Hill last Thursday. (FW26-507NN)

WITH perfect weather conditions, Connell Hill (Randalstown) held its second show jumping training show for horses on Thursday, June 18. There was a good turn out, with all competitors enjoying the course built by Colm Quinn. Organisers would like to take this opportunity to thank all who attended for their patience and compliance with the new regulations and they hope to see you all again at Connell Hill on Thursday, June 25 for another training show. Show details and entries can be made via the website: www.connellhill


DEBUT: Tabitha Allen, attending her first horse show, on ‘Chacha’ competing in the 90cm horse class at Connell Hill last Thursday. (FW26-506NN) PICTURES

Thursday, June 18

Training Show

80cm: =1) Jacqui Kilgore, Sandy; Zoe Dickey, Ellie; Paul Caves, Bert; Jessica Halliday, Freedo; Ben Walsh, Gino; Tabitha Allen, Cassie; Helen Forgave, Maddie.

90cm: =1) Beverly Caves, Jimmy; Jacqui Kilgore, Sandy; John Kilgore, Bruce; Sarah Bailie, Renesme; Elaine Morrow, Daisy; Lucy Lamont, Pippy; Edward Little, Lester; Hannah Thompson, Jess; Ben Walsh, Gino; Beverly Caves, Madge; Grace McGarry, Dolly.

1m: =1) John Kilgore, Bruce; Lynn Lowry, Prince; Cerys Lundy, Ace’s Delight; Niamh McFall, Bob; Kevin Mackey, Alfie; Liam McGarry, Chester; Paul Caves, Spencer; Edward Little, Lester.

1.10m: 1) Gary Close, Brooklyn; 2) Kevin Mackey, Hero; 3) Lucy Lamont, Tana; 4) Kevin Mackey, Havanna; 5) Lucy Lamont,Holly; 6) Alison Baird, TMS Freya.

1.20m: 1) Gareth Saunderson, Carlos; 2) Zoe Woods, Suki; 3) Liam McGarry,Dan; 4) Ben Walsh, Hasty Road; 5) Ben Walsh, J’Taime; 6) Liam McGarry, Tonka.

80CM: Zoe Dickey and ‘Ellie’ jumped clear in the 80cm horse class at Connell Hill last Thursday. (FW26-505NN)

1.30m: 1) Liam McGarry, Tonka.


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