Pigs move out for a printing press!

50 July 1 1969 printing SM Farm

A prize-winning pedigree Large White herd has been moved out of its accommodation on a County Tyrone farm to make way for … a printing press!

And now, where once the sows farrowed, an ultra-modern press churns out printing jobs at up to 7,000 copies per hour.

Mr Sam J Gallagher formerly kept eight sows on his father’s farm at Hillview, Strathroy, Omagh and, although it was a successful enterprise – he won prizes at the local show – he always had been attracted to printing.

Then, last year the sows’ quarters were renovated and an offset litho machine, then the second of its kind in Ulster, was installed.

Today, business is booming and the orders are flowing in. During rush periods Mr Gallagher has the help of his mother and sister-in-law but on several occasions he and his wife have worked the machine throughout the night. Their record for being without sleep is 36 hours!

Mr Gallagher – his father keeps cattle, pigs and a few turkeys – intends to expand. Perhaps one day he will realise his two burning ambitions – to have his own newspaper and a herd of pedigree Welsh pigs!


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