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Pinnacle provides solution for non-compliant transporters

As the reality of trading between Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the new post Brexit era begins to take hold and transporters face the despair of arriving into NI ports without the correct paperwork for moving goods, Pinnacle Growth Group has the solution.

Whatever the business and whatever the product, Pinnacle Growth Group can complete the required export and import documentation to expedite entry in NI, alleviating the burden and avoiding any unnecessary delays for drivers who may be on a delivery deadline.

Speaking about assisting companies delivering goods to Northern Ireland, Robert McConnell, Director of Pinnacle Growth Group, said: “The new trading regulations are alien to most businesses and we have already assisted several seeking to continue hassle free day to day delivery of goods into Northern Ireland from Great Britain.”

As well as providing the full service and completion of necessary paperwork, including rules and certificates of origin, etc, Pinnacle can provide staff training for organisations that may wish to handle the process themselves.

Robert added: “We can advise on specific documentation requirements for plant, animal goods and seafood and although safety and security declarations are the responsibility of the transport provider, we have the network to support those needing distributors and can provide the reassurance required to ensure that goods are not refused entry into NI.”

Pinnacle Growth Group provides full service Brexit consultation, training and support services for businesses across Northern Ireland, Great Britain and Republic of Ireland.

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