Pinta girl pays visit to Ulster

50 Nov 4 1969 Pinta SM Farm

Hazel-eyed Lorene Archdekin, Ontario’s Pinta Girl, flew into Belfast last week and said: “Ulster is far beyond my expectations.”

Eighteen year old Lorene, the Ontario Dairy Princess form 1969-70, was visiting Ulster as part of a United Kingdom tour.

She arrived in Northern Ireland from London, where she attended the Royal Dairy Show in company with the Dairy Queen of England and Wales, Mary Vincent, and the Ulster Dairy Queen, Kathleen McCormack.

Lorene’s father, McClure Archdekin, farms 100 acres near Norval, outside Brampton. He milks 35 Holsteins and breeds and trains racehorses.

But, although a great lover of horses, Lorene believes there is more profit to be made from milk production.

Lorene had registered as a student at the University of Guelph to study English and psychology, but will take a year’s leave of absence from her studies to complete her reign.

This will include addressing service clubs, key farm meetings and making public, radio and television appearances throughout Ontario.

An active member of the Junior Farmers and 4-H Clubs, Lorene enjoys outdoor sports, swimming, sewing, teaching Sunday school and singing in the church choir.

In the recent Ontario Dairy Princess competition at the Canadian National Exhibition, Lorene represented Peel County and won against competition from 40 other County Dairy Princesses across Ontario.

The title was won on the basis of personality, charm, the ability to speak, knowledge of the dairy industry – and capability in milking a cow.


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