Pioneering pig pen unveiled worldwide


MARKETERS of an award-winning pig pen credited with improving animal welfare standards have taken the innovative design to a European trade event as part of a global sales drive.

Dalgety Farm Systems, a new marketing arm of the Leavesley Group responsible for the firm’s agricultural innovations, are now following up enquiries from the UK, Canada and South Korea after bringing the 360º Freedom Farrower to EuroTier 2018 in Hannover, Germany, for the world’s leading animal production trade fair, alongside Quality Equipment, the UK distributor for the product.

It is the first time the ground-breaking pen has been exhibited under its new identity with Dalgety Farm Systems. Prior to the launch of the new arm, the product was branded under the name of its original design team, Midland Pig Producers, a subsidiary of the Leavesley Group.

More than 250 visitors attended the stand and the design received strong interest from distributors in Europe, Canada and South East Asia. Currently, the 360º Freedom Farrower is already distributed across the UK, USA and Canada.

During the trade event, Dalgety Farm Systems also launched its new LiteBar LED lighting system, a highly durable and moisture-resistant lighting solution for continuous use, which was also positively received.

Andrew Atkin, marketing and project manager, said: “European pig farmers considering investment in higher welfare systems face a plethora of choice when it comes to free farrowing equipment. We are pleased to bring the latest design to a wider audience at the recent Eurotier 2018 and all of our feedback compared the 360° Freedom Farrower very favourably against the competition, particularly in regard to its efficient use of floor space. Our experience there confirmed a strong international appetite for welfare-conscious farming techniques and we’re very hopeful our Freedom Farrower will soon be a permanent fixture on farms across the world.

“We remain committed to the development of cost effective solutions that raise welfare standards and reduce environmental ‘footprint’ to help guarantee the future of pig farming’’.

n The 360º Freedom Farrower is regarded as one of the most significant innovations to pig farming in recent years, enhancing pig performance as well as delivering superior standards on welfare.

It has the same footprint as a conventional crate but improves the way in which the sow can be handled while allowing more freedom of movement. Its flexible design with moveable restraining bars give the animal space to turn around in the pen but also enables close containment when necessary.

This flexibility provides for good control of piglet mortality with the option of allowing the sow to express natural nesting behaviour, which greatly reduces stress. Reduced levels of confinement lowers stress levels generally, leading to heavier weaning weights, better sow condition and improved performance.

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