Pizza dangers are highlighted

Global - Pizza TD Farm
SPILL: This time it was American pizzas that were injured. (Photo: Arkansas Dept of Transportation)

AMERICA’S insatiable desire for pizza is getting downright dangerous.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 2,300 hospital emergency room visits last year were associated with pizza.

The government agency said many of the injuries were caused cutting pizza; burns from hot pizzas and hot pizza pans; people falling while carrying a pizza; and people falling while in a pizza restaurant.

And, the agency says, at least one person was injured falling out of bed while reaching for a pizza.

About three billion pizzas are sold in the US each year. Pepperoni is the favourite topping – on 36 per cent of all pizzas – adding up to 114 million kg a year.

A report from the US Department of Agriculture says about one in eight Americans report they consume pizza on any given day.

Some 59 per cent of adults eat pizza for dinner, 28 per cent for lunch, 11 per cent as a snack and an enlightened two per cent eat it for breakfast.


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