Polish champion at Scottish National

Ducks 23-1-20 SM Farm

The Supreme Champion of the Scottish National was a white crested Poland owed by Ewan Jones from England. The bird was picked as best in its breed by local judge James Weatherup before being eventually selected by Championship Judge John Barry.

The Fullerton family won Best Opposite size and Reserve Poland with a beautiful large white crested Cockerel. They also had Best German Langshan and Overall Best Soft Feather Heavy Bantam.

Patricia Swandel, following on from her recent success, had another three birds up in Championship Row – Best Opposite Size Barnevelder and Best Opposite Size Ladies Exhibit with a Barnevelder and Best Utility Exhibit with a large white Wyandottes cockerel.

Not to be outdone, her granddaughter Judith Lyons had Best Opposite Sex Buff Plymouth Rock.

Patricia also helped Judith to judge the Juvenile classes, in which Alannah Adams won Best Juvenile True Bantam. Ryan Liggett also had first prizes with his Bantam Cockerel and Pullet in the Black Orpington bantam class.

In the Waterfowl section, Darren Gillespie continued with his success in the Saxony duck breed, getting Best Saxony with a beautiful duck.

In the Game section, Jonny Blaney had Best Crele, Best Old English Game Trio, Best Black and Champion Old English Game with a Black Pullet.

Mervyn Elliott had Champion Large Modern Game and also won both the Cockerel and Pullet class in the Large Modern Game.

Peter Hamill won the following prizes: 1st Mallard Call Female; Best Mallard Variety and Reserve Best Call Duck; 1st Sumatra Female, Reserve Best Rare; 1st Gold Sebright Pullet, Best Gold Sebright; Best Waterfowl Trio with Mallard call ducks; 1st Black Pekin Cockerel; 1st Large Thuringian Male; Best Large Trio with black Thuringians; 1st Apricot Call Duck; 1st Bantam Dark Brahma Female; 1st Belgian Quail d’Anver Cock; Best Non Standard Call with a dark chocolate Silver drake; 1st Butterscotch Call Drake; 1st Butterscotch Call Duck.

Geoff Weir won Best Buff Cochin and Best Male and 1st Gold

Brahma female.

Apologies if I have left anyone out but that is all the results that were sent to me.

As well as showing several people from Northern Ireland where judging, namely Gordon Walker, Judith Lyons and James Weatherup. Well done to all the judges, competitors and the red coats that help to run and organise this show.

The next event is the Irish Society of Poultry Fanciers Show this weekend, followed by the Ulster Poultry Federation Show on Saturday, February 1.


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