Polocrosse fun with North Down Pony Club

North Down polocrosse BR Farm
COACHING: Angela Fynn coaching juniors on line outs at the North Down Junior Fun Day. (FW22-516NN)

NORTH Down mem-bers experienced the thrill of the chase at their Junior Fun Day. Polocrosse was played, both on ponies and on foot, as senior North Down players players assisted with coaching and provided a taster of one of the team sports within the Pony Club portfolio.

To all those new to the game of polocrosse, it is a racquet and ball sport, all of which is on horseback.

TEAMWORK: ‘Applejack’, ‘Ladybug’ and ‘Cherokee’ making a fab team at the North Down Junior Fun Day. (FW22-515NN)

The definition of it would be a combination of lacrosse and polo, but really it is built up of teamwork, speed of the chase and the never-ending opportunities to

improve as a rider, person and player! Each game consists of two teams with three riders.

A chukka lasts six minutes and there are three chukkas in a game.

Often referred to as ‘King of the one-horse sport’, the players chase the ball, with the aim of shooting through the goal posts to score. North Down Pony Club are at the forefront of playing, promoting and enjoying Pony Club Polocrosse in Northern Ireland.

As the summer season has now officially begun, lots of practice and training has been going on at the Junior Fun days and regular Tuesday rallies on Tyrella Polo-crosse Club’s pitch, where beginners and improvers are coached by Angela Fynn.

The senior players support all the training and share expertise and they too are getting ready to represent Ireland at the Four Nations Tournament in July and Area 17 at the Pony Club Championships in

August, as well as the season’s local and nat-ional tournaments.

If you would like more information ab-out Polocrosse or North Down Pony Club and would like to get involved, please visit the website: www.northdownponyclun.org, where you will

SKILFUL: Abbey Wallace and Eloise Kerrs sharpening their ball skills at the North Down Junior Fun Day. (FW22-513NN)

find details of each discipline or send an email to: northdown@pcuk.org


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