Popular Bluegrass league concludes at Portmore

Portmore Bluegrass final BR Farm
1M: Steven Greer on ‘Casy’, winner of the Competition Mix 1m class at Portmore received his prize from Craig Kileff representing Bluegrass. (FW49-525NN)

PORTMORE Equestrian Centre, Aghalee recently held the final of the very popular Bluegrass League. There was a great turnout in all classes from cross-poles to 1.20m, with all competitors trying to get their hands on the wonderful Bluegrass Horse feed prizes. Organisers would like to thank everyone who supported this great league and, of course, Bluegrass Horse Feeds for their very kind sponsorship.

Jumping continues at Portmore with a Christmas Show on December 15, with classes including cross-poles, two-fence challenge and lots of fun classes and great prizes on offer. There will also be a Christmas Derby Show on Sunday, December 16, with classes from 75cm to 1.10m – the full schedule will be up on the website: www.portmoreequestrian centre.co.uk.

DOUBLE: Craig Kileff from Bluegrass congratulates Nathan O’Neill and ‘Pagan’, who won both the Turmash 80cm and Flax Plus 90cm classes at Portmore. (FW49-524NN)


Bluegrass League Final

Nice and Easy Cubes Cross-poles: =1) James Donnelly, Wendy; Sofia Suarez, Emma; Tiernan McLaughlin, Pixie; Ross Will, Ben; Alice Steele, Rosie.

Horse and Pony Mix 50cm: 1) Serena Brown, Boom; 2) Alice Steele, Rosie.

Cool n Condition 60cm: 1) Leah Sloan, Molly.

Stamm 30 70cm: 1) Courtney Sloan, Poppy; 2) Ellie May Rodgers, Mary Alice; 3) Jessica Rodgers, Commander.

Turmash 80cm: 1) Nathan O’Neill, Pagan; 2) Hanna Schnell, Omar; 3) Catherine Skelton, Saphire; 4) Alice Grant, TT.

Flax Plus 90cm: 1) Nathan O’Neill, Pagan; 2) Patricia Hughes, Ricos Patience; 3) Niamh Duncan, Keeva; 4) Sarah McLean, Leah; 5) Steven Greer, Casy.

60CM: Leah Sloan on ‘Molly’, winner of the Cool n Condition 60cm class at Portmore and received her prize from Craig Kileff representing Bluegrass. (FW49-523NN)

Competition Mix 1m: 1) Steven Greer, Casy; 2) Sarah McLean, Leah; 3) Kare Greer, Hope; 4) Patricia Hughes, Ricos Patience.


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