Positive response to Countryside Services’ Caisley Tag contract

Positive response to Countryside Services’ Caisley Tag contract
ON FARM: Hugh Smyth (left) and Kyle Smyth on their dairy farm.

EXCELLENT customer service, the reliability of the product and ease of use means Caisley Tags are perfect for our farm.” This is how father and son team Hugh and Kyle Smyth describe the Caisley Tag from Countryside Services.

Hugh and Kyle run a progressive dairy herd outside Dromore in County Tyrone where attention to detail is paramount. They have been customers of Countryside Services, Dungannon, for the past three years and appreciate the savings in both time and money that can be achieved by using Caisley Tags.

Hugh Smyth said: “We rear our heifer calves as herd replacements and use Caisley Tags as they are extremely robust and offer a high retention rate.”

Kyle Smyth commented: “Tagging is made so much easier due to the fact that Caisley Tags come in a strip of four and only requires one applicator. This eliminates the potential for errors and also saves time.”

Hugh went on to point out that they also use the Caisley marker pen for adding their herd management information on the tags and finds this a very useful addition.

He added: “I am pleased to hear that Countryside Services have been awarded an exclusive supplier contract for the Caisley Tags. The design and quality of the Caisley Tag is complemented by the professionalism of their service.”

Roger Allen, Sales Manager, said: “We have been delighted at the response from farmers to the news of our exclusive status for the Caisley Tags, and can assure our customers that this will enable us to offer an even more efficient service.”

Commenting on their experience in BVD testing, Roger pointed out that the simplicity of the Caisley design enables a tissue sample to be taken easily in one action providing a sealed vial ready for sending to the testing laboratory. He added: “But the BVD testing tag is only part of the story – the knowledge, experience and advice we can share since the programme was introduced makes us the tag provider of choice.”

Further details are available on Facebook, by phone 02887 789770 or the website www.countrysideservices.com


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