Poultry at County Armagh Vintage Club event

Ducks 8-8-19 SM Farm

Last Saturday a group of poultry fanciers put together a display of poultry at the County Armagh Vintage Club event at Gosford Forest Park, Markethill.

This is the second year that this display was assembled and again was very well received by visitors.

It was a great opportunity to talk about these wonderful yesteryear breeds of minority and rare breed fowl and between the group of poultry keepers they had over 30 breeds and varieties of poultry and domestic waterfowl on display.

Many attending the marquee couldn’t get over the vast array of different colours, shapes and sizes of poultry and, of course, the chicks and ducklings were a great favourite, especially among the children.

Maybe we will have influenced others to keep these wonderful fowl breeds.


poultry events

This is the time of the year when many poultry keepers move on birds that they have hatched.

Over the next few weeks we have some great events as follows:

The Rare Breed Annual Show and Auction at Gosford Forest Park, Markethill, on Saturday, August 17;

The annual Tannaghmore Bird Fair at Tannaghmore Open Farm on Saturday, August 24;

The Gosford Poultry Fair on Saturday, September 21.

A more in-depth look at these events will be made as each sale approaches

Fermanagh Show results

(kindly compiled by Ryan McLaren, who was judge at the event):

Show Champion – Black Orpington Hen, Andrew Kerr

Reserve Show Champion – Oxford Game Cock, Michael Sherlock

Best Large Heavy Soft feather – Black Orpington Female, Andrew Kerr

Best Large Light Soft feather – Welsummer Female, Andrew Kerr

Best Bantam Heavy Soft feather – Silver Laced Wyandotte Pullet, Andrew Kerr

Best Bantam Light Soft feather – Ancona Female, Andrew Kerr

Best Large Waterfowl – White Indian Runner, Michael Sherlock

Best Bantam Waterfowl – White Call Duck, Michael Sherlock

Best Large Game – Oxford Game Male, Michael Sherlock

Best Bantam Game – OEG Bantam Hen, Michael Sherlock

Best True Bantam – Gold Sebright Female, Stephen Patterson

Best Rare Breed – Ayam Cemani Male, Andrew Kerr

Best Junior – White Wyandotte Female, Kerr Brothers.

Reserve Best Junior – Serama Male, Alisha Forbes

Best Eggs – 5 White Bantam eggs, Andrew Kerr


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