Poultry Box Show for charity

Ducks 28-3-19 SM Farm

On Saturday, March 23, it was all systems go at Bleary’s Farmers’ Hall. With more than 80 entries and exhibitors travelling from all over Ireland, it was going to be a hectic morning.

We where fortunate to have two excellent judges in Guy Richardson and Gareth Ingram, with the judging getting under way shortly after 9.30am.

The Overall Champion was an excellent Black Australop Cockerel from the Fullerton family, Reserve Champion went to a Black Pekin Cockerel from Ryan Liggett, Best Waterfowl was a delightful Blue Fawn Call Drake from Padraic and Ciara Sweeney and Best Hard Feather went to a lovely Modern Game from John Neill.

During the judging Patricia Swandel and Jean Wall managed the tombola and the selling of squares for “which square the chicken poops on”. With more than 70 Tombola prizes everyone managed to go home with something.

Ryan would like to thank Patricia for organising all the prizes and to also thank the sponsors, H Beattie & Sons; Whites Tandragee and Haldane Fisher.

It was now time for the auction. Thanks to the following people for supplying auction items: Peter Hamill – a pair of silver bantam ducks; Patricia Swandel – a pair of Bantam speckled Sussex; Daniel Moore – a pair of Silkie pullets; Eugene Mallon – a pair of Rhode Island Red Bantams; Darren Gillespie – a pair of Dutch Bantams; Guy Richardson – a pair of Large Fowl Black leghorns; Padriac and Ciara Sweeney – a pair of Large Fowl White Crested Black Polands and two heat plates; William Moorecroft – two dozen hatching eggs and a pot of arranged flowers; Caroline Fullerton – a food hamper; John Neill – an egg carrier; and Andrew Bingham – day old chickens and ducklings.

The auction was conducted by David Neill with strong bids coming in from all directions, the top item was the Polands which sold at £80.

Next up was the raffle for three large fowl light Sussex Pullets. Guy drew the winning ticket, which was for Eleanor Russell from the Republic of Ireland.

Finally it was time to let the chicken out and see which square it pooped on. As the crowd gathered around the chicken it walked out and immediately pooped on square 90, with the winner receiving a hamper supplied by Judith Lyons.

I would also like to thank my wife Yvonne and my daughter Marianna, who supplied tea, coffee, scones and burgers (supplied by Doherty & Gray) during the event to ensure that no one went home hungry.

All that remains is for us as a family to thank everyone that has donated and supported this event.

We are very pleased to say that more than £1,500 has been raised and this will go a long way in helping Ryan to go on his ethical trip to Ecuador.


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