Poultry breeders out in force at Dromore

Poultry breeders out in force at Dromore

It was great to see so many poultry breeders at the local show in Dromore. What was even more pleasing was that the top prizes went across seven different winners.
Show Champion of the day went to Andrew Kerr with a delightful Buff Orpington Pullet, which was also Champion Large Fowl Heavy.

Andrew had travelled up from Clabby in Fermanagh and is well known for his breeds of poultry, selling from a range of pure breeds to the everyday laying hen, catering for all types of people interested in the hobby.

Reserve Show Champion was Peter Hamill with his Sumatra Female, which was also Champion Rare Breed. Peter is well known for producing quality birds and had travelled from Dungannon, County Tyrone, to exhibit. 
Champion Large Light went to a young Ryan Liggett with his Black Poland. Ryan is well known within Dromore Poultry, being a committee member, and has showed all over Ireland and the UK with his Polands. His pet project is to get the large black out to shows as even in England you rarely see them. 
Champion Bantam Heavy went to James Weatherup with his Barred Plymouth Rock cockerel. James is probably better known for his Polands and has been showing birds since he was a tot – another excellently prepared bird from James. 
Champion Bantam Light went to Matthew and Ryan Neill with a beautiful Welsummer Cockerel. This is their first year in showing Welsummers and they were over the moon to get a cockerel up.

Champion True went to Jimmy and Roberta Hughes with a wonderful Black Pekin. Jimmy and Roberta are know all over Ireland and the UK for their Pekins, with Roberta having won Champion at the Omagh Show earlier in the year. 
Champion Juvenile and Champion Novice went to Sam Forbes. It was great to see this young lad out showing for the first time and we hope that he enjoyed it and has now caught the showing bug.

A huge thanks to sponsors Springmount Free Range Eggs, who supplied goody bags for all the Juniors, and also to H Beattie and Sons, Tandragee, for the kind sponsorship.

A special thanks goes to Judith Lyons and her team for all their hard work in organising the show. I know Judith has worked many a late night getting entries in, penning numbers done and getting judging books ready for the two fabulous judges Robert McKibbon and

Davy Kerr.


Show Champion: Andrew Kerr.

Reserve Show Champion: Peter Hamill.

Champion Large Feather Heavy: Andrew Kerr.

Champion Large Feather Light: Ryan Liggett.

Champion Bantam Heavy: James Weatherup.

Champion Bantam Light: M & R Neill.

Champion True: Jimmy and Roberta Hughes.

Champion Rare: Peter Hamill.

Champion Novice: Sam Forbes.

Champion Juvenile: San Forbes.


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