Poultry flock to Castlewellan Show

ABOVE: The Show champion Furnace Old English Game exhibited by Team Adams and McLaren.

MATURE trees, a stream of people and a sea of marquees were just some of the sights that greeted us as we entered the Castlewellan Forest Park last Saturday.

The poultry marquee was located beside the pony and horse rings and it was a pleasure to be able to get parked close to the poultry ring. As we entered the marquee there was a hive of activity with the organisers flat out and exhibitors busy placing birds in the show pens.

RIGHT: Patricia Swandel’s best utility speckled Sussex female.

The marquee was full to capacity with probably one of the biggest entries of poultry and eggs that Castlewellan Show has seen. The organisers, led by Andrew Bingham, had put in an incredible amount of work to set up this superb show.

The judges for this event should be applauded for giving up their valuable time. They were R J Robertson, Keith Ashley, Gavin Ashley, Carmine Brandi, Mr and Mrs Jimmy Hughes, and Robert McKibbin.

Special thanks to the sponsors; Judy Maxwell of Fancy Feeds, and Mr and Mrs Colin Frazer of Frazer Feeds, whose generosity was greatly appreciated by the committee and the exhibitors, and to Zelda Crawford for her poultry

equipment stand.

With such a big entry of birds the judges were certainly kept busy, finally selecting a wonderful Furnace Old English Game bantam female as Show Champion, which was exhibited by Team Adams and McLaren.

Reserve Show champion was awarded to Daniel Moore’s Black East Indian Duck which was in wonderful condition.

Section winners:

Hard feather bantam – Adams/McLaren’s Furness oeg female

Hard feather large – Geoff Weir’s Grey Carlisle male

Soft feather heavy large – Geoff Weir’s Buff Cochin male

Soft Feather heavy bantam –Adams/McLaren’s gold Brahma male

Best bantam duck – Daniel Moore’s Black East Indian female

Best Heavy duck – Ryan Liggett’s Rouen female

Best light duck – Peter Hamill’s white crested female

Best rare breed – Peter Hamill’s large black Thuringian hen

Best call – John Neill’s white male

Best large soft feather light – John and Sam Smiley’s white leghorn male

Best soft feather light bantam – Mervyn Elliott’s Ancona female

Best utility – Patricia Swandel’s speckled Sussex female

Best Juvenile – Aaliya Moore’s white silkie female

Best true bantam – Kieran Fitzsimons’ Serama male

Best Junior handler was Grace Caraher.

ABOVE: Kieran Fitzsimmon’s champion True bantam, a Serama female.

This year two new Leghorn cups were presented in memory of Patrick Smyth by his wife Bridie and daughters. Patrick, who had lived within a short distance of Castlewellan Forest, had devoted a number of years to the preservation of the Buff Leghorn breed. This was a lovely tribute to Patrick who was an absolute gentleman.


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