Poultry keeper’s fears unfounded

Ducks 9-7-20 SM Farm

Well, the 2020 breeding season has certainly brought obvious challenges, but for the poultry keeper those most feared never happened – animal feed has been readily available and shows still happened, although in an unconventional way with virtual events.

Judging one was definitely a novelty. It has been heartening to see so many getting involved from near and far, reminding us of the varied and vibrant community within the fancy.

From keeping in touch with friends, it appears most have hatched as normal, so hopefully later in the year we will get to see the fruits of our labours benched in the winter shows.

Finally, I have always noted the therapeutic effect of poultry and in these uncertain times I am glad to have them to act as a release valve for the stresses of life.

Therefore, I believe we fanciers are uniquely blessed to cope in this situation. So, to my friends in the fancy, I suggest we continue to keep calm, throw them some corn and think ahead to the better times to come.


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