Poultry Keepers of Ireland Show

Ducks 11-10-18 SM Farm

The Poultry Keepers of Ireland held its inaugural show in Portlaoise on September 29. The organisers, although in-experienced, put on a great show with bantams of many breeds and varieties on show from fluffy silkies to elegant Modern game.

Many breed clubs, including the Poland, German Langshan, Orpington, Belgian and Call Duck clubs, provided rosettes and with these on offer it attracted fanciers from all over the Island.

The show champion award went to Tommy Butler’s Silkie bantam female.

Well known Northern Ireland fanciers held their own in this competitive atmosphere. Patricia Swandel, from Castlereagh, won Reserve Best in Show with a very fit Black Orpington cockerel. She also won Best Barnvelder.

James Hammond won Best Waterfowl and Best Call Duck with a typey Appleyard call female, a first in Ireland.

Gordon Walker took Best German Langshan. Polands were out in force with Anthony Welshman taking awards in the White Crested varieties and self colour classes. It was nice to see a wide variety of Brahmas on display with Jason Edwards birds within the awards.

The next generation of fanciers was also competing well with Champion Juvenile Waterfowl going to Lucy Hammond.

Blake and Brook Welshman took awards with their lovely Polands.

Well done to all the winners and the organisers for a show definitely for other fanciers to add to their diaries.


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