Power into autumn


WITH autumn upon us many farmers are upgrading and investing in the recently launched Kuhn 3004 Power Harrow.

Power harrows are designed to finely break up the soil, refining and evenly distributing it over the entire working width to create a perfect seed bed. Generally they are used for secondary tillage after ploughing or subsoiling and can break up even the most compacted ground, often in a single pass. Power Harrows enable an extremely high crop yield since they do not invert soil layers. Instead they help to maintain the soil’s natural composition, structure and biodiversity.

Gerard Barret, Sales Manager at Drumlish Farm Machinery, said: “More than ever, farmers have to manage their farm whilst reducing costs and increasing productivity. The Kuhn 3004 power harrow is the ideal answer to this criteria and is suitable for all situations and caters for both small and large-scale farms.”

The Kuhn 3004 power harrow has a large cross-section with thick walls (8mm) and a working width of three metres. It comes with Kuhn’s famous robust drive train design which is fully protected by a rigid gear case. There is a choice of three types of blades in high wear resistance steel with fast-fit quick blade release system as standard.

The power harrow blades with their bevelled, twisted shape are ready to work in difficult conditions, such as stony, hard or clay soils, and still achieve a seedbed, where the seed feels completely comfortable. The blades are also adapted for high working speeds and the power harrow comes with a packer roller. There is also a packer roller which is less resistant to rolling and requires less traction power.

Drumlish Farm Machinery also offers the full range of Kuhn’s world leading mowers, tedders and rakes. To compliment this range is cultivation and seeding equipment by Sumo, which includes the highly popular GLS Subsolier, perfect for getting your land in top condition. Drumlish Farm Machinery also operates an agricultural contracting business and working farm, ensuring it provides first hand experience for all your farming needs.


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