Prizes galore for Indoor Derby final at Connell Hill

Connell Derby BR Farm
PLACED: Anna McCague and ‘Harley’ came fifth in a competitive 80cm class at the Indoor Derby League final at Connell Hill. (FW45-551NN)

WHAT a mind-blowing day it was at Connell Hill on Sunday, as competitors entered the final of the Indoor Derby League, with a humongous gift of prizes up for grabs! This extraordinary discipline not only asks riders to remember the course, meeting fences on the correct stride, but also their horses are taking on tracks consisting of show jumping, working hunter and cross-country style portable fences over a long track. All these things combined make it a big ask, but taking this into consideration, it is a fantastic schooling opportunity for both horse and rider!

This phenomenal day of competitive fun commenced with Wendy Anderson taking first place in the 60cm class on ‘Woody’. The 70cm class then saw James Courtney-Cadam jump his way to first place on ‘Pebbles’, with Emma Wright taking second on ‘Flash’. The large 80cm class then saw Sarah Jane Alexander shoot home into first on ‘Fluffy’, with Emma Wright taking a very honourable second on ‘Flash’.

ON FORM: James Courtney-Cadam and ‘Pebbles’ on their way to winning the 70cm class at the Indoor Derby League final at Connell Hill. (FW45-550NN) PICTURES

Alanna Dunlop then shot into first place on ‘Dolly’ in the 90cm class, with Katie McLean picking up second on ‘Belle’. The final class of this highly excitable and most enjoyable day saw Alana Robb snatch first place on ‘Lucy Ludo’ in the 1m class, with Chloe Thompson standing second on ‘Beechburn Lass’ with the best turnout of the day going to Wendy Anderson.

Connell Hill would like to thank everyone for their support of this Derby and look forward to welcoming everyone back for future Derbies.


Sunday, November 3

60cm: 1) Wendy Anderson, Woody.

70cm: 1) James Courtney-Cadam, Pebbles; 2) Emma Wright, Flash.

80cm: 1) Sarah Jane Alexander, Fluffy; 2) Emma Wright, Flash; 3) Claire Kirkwood, Domino; 4) Naomi McCavana, Abby; 5) Anna McCague, Harley; 6) Miriam Wright, The Castletown Lad.

90cm: 1) Alanna Dunlop, Dolly; 2) Katie McLean, Belle; 3) Naomi McCavana, Tia; 4) Peadar McLaughlin, Harry; 5) Adele Boyd, Denver.

ACTION: Bree Rutledge and ‘Jewel’ in action in the 80cm class at the Indoor Derby League final at Connell Hill. (FW45-549NN)

1m: 1) Alana Robb, Lucy Ludo; 2) Chloe Thompson, Beechburn Lass; 3) Wendy Anderson, Archie; =4) Lisa Allen, Dolly; Laura Fekkes, Harry.


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