Producer commends egg packers consortium

Producer commends egg packers consortium

Mrs F McWhirter, of Rock Angus, Newry, finds that being a member of an egg packer’s consortium is very advantageous. “Consortia” she explains, “often enable producers to get full entitlement money when otherwise they couldn’t.”

Mrs McWhirter is a member of a consortium organised by Mr R Thompson, Armagh.

The present batch of 1,850 layers are Shaver 288s. They were housed at 18 weeks of age on July 1, 1967 and peak production of 91.6 per cent was reached very quickly at 28 weeks of age. Production figures are still excellent, 84 per cent being recorded as an average during the forth-sixth week of age.

The birds are caged in Clean-Ezie Cages, four to a cage.

Total deaths to date show a low mortality, being under four per cent for the seven months the birds have been in the unit.

Total food consumed from 18 weeks works out at 3.9 ounces per bird per day of Thompsons Hybrid Mash.

“Cracks at 1.5 per cent I consider to be very low at this stage,” says Mrs McWhirter, “but what pleased me most is the minimal percentage of rejects and seconds.”

Grading dockets at 44 weeks of age show 40 per cent large and 52 per cent standard eggs.

Mrs McWhirter considers a well reared pullet to be the foundation of good results in the laying house. Her pullets were reared by Mr William Johnston, of Markethill, Co Armagh.


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