Producing silage that makes you more money

TRIALS: 34 on farm trials found that cattle performed better on silage made with Ecosyl.Farmers could enjoy more silage saved and more money made.

THERE have been 15 independent Ecosyl dairy trials worldwide on grass, lucerne and maize across crop DMs from 15-44 per cent. On average Ecosyl treatment resulted in a significant 1.2 litres extra per cow per day.

There were no significant differences in milk fat, protein or lactose concentrations but there was a trend to higher milk output from silage given the Ecosyl treatment. This higher milk yield resulted in significantly higher outputs of all three components.

Cows fed Ecosyl treated silage also showed a significantly higher bodyweight gain compared to those fed untreated silages. This helped them regain condition lost during earlier stages of lactation more quickly.

The value of feeding beef cattle on silage made with Ecosyl was also tested in on farm trials with equally upbeat ‘more money in your pocket’ results.

There have been a total of 19 beef trials with Ecosyl. Five of these were with growing cattle that were fed grass silage treated with Ecosyl. The results showed, on average, a significant 15.2 per cent improvement in daily live weight gain.

In nine trials where fattening cattle were fed grass silage, Ecosyl treatment led to a significant 9.1 per cent improvement in DLG.

For farmers seeking to produce more animal performance and profit from forage Ecosyl, the proven additive from Volac, has a key role to play in making silage in 2019.


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