Producing top quality Greyface lambs

RIGHT: Sponsors of the Border Leicester Show & Sale on Monday, September 24, from left, Wesley Douglas, J Thompson & Sons Ltd, Mark Smyth, URBA and Alan Carson, ASC Farm Services. Other sponsors include Danske Bank and Fane Valley Stores.

ARNOLD Douglas and son Brian have been producing Greyface lambs on the foothills of Benevenagh Mountain for years. Their priority is to produce crossbred ewe lambs for breeding which they sell at Aghanloo Market, Limavady, where they have won the Greyface Ewe Lamb Cup since 2002.

They believe that success comes from having an eye for good stock, good management, good nutrition, hard work and some long hours.

BELOW: Greyface lambs from Arnold and Brian Douglas.

They run 600 mainly Perth type horned ewes of which 500 are crossed with the Border Leicester. Some 300 Greyface ewes are put to the Suffolk and Texel ram.

Arnold said: “In all we achieve around 195 per cent at scanning. Any ewes with triplets and twins will be housed near lambing and fed while ewes with singles are all lambed outside starting the middle of March.”

Arnold and Brian find that the Border Leicester cross suits the hill conditions well and the Greyface lamb has the ability to survive the roughest weather conditions and can thrive on the ewe when out on rough grazing, having a good covering of wool and they can get to their feet quickly.

This year’s crop of Greyface ewe lambs were sold at Alexander Gourley’s sheep sales at Aghanloo, Limavady, with the wethers being finished for fattening.

Arnold added: “We buy our Border Leicester rams at the Ulster Ram Breeders’ Association Sale in Ballymena.”

This year’s event will be on Monday, September 24, with the show at 5pm and sale, where Jack Lamb (Boreland), Ayr, Scotland, will be judging, at 7pm.

RIGHT: Arnold Douglas with his greyface ewe lambs.

The society is once again grateful to sponsors J Thompson & Sons, Fane Valley Stores, Danske Bank and ASC Farm Services.


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