Production wraps on Leonardo da Vinci drama starring Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner in Leonardo (Angelo Turetta)
Aidan Turner in Leonardo (Angelo Turetta)

Aidan Turner has wrapped filming on the historical drama about Leonardo da Vinci after it was one of the first major productions to resume after the coronavirus lockdown.

Filming on the TV series Leonardo, starring the Poldark actor as the Renaissance polymath, restarted in Italy on June 15 using health and safety protocols and production and has now wrapped.

The shoot involved 3,000 crew including actors and extras, with 2,500 costumes.

The production lasted 2,000 hours and covered more than 50 filming locations across Italy, as well as on a film studio backlot.

A previously unseen clip has been released to celebrate the end of production, with a theme score by John Paesano, showing what is currently one of the largest backlots in Europe at almost 20,000 square metres.

About 200 workers were involved in building the backlot, including plasterers, sculptors, painters, decorators, designers and the visual effects team.

Behind the scenes on the shoot (Lux Vide)

Anyone entering the studio had to undergo swab tests,  pass through a corridor where they were sprayed with a disinfectant vapour and wear face masks and gloves.

They also had their temperature taken twice a day and observed social distancing, while equipment was disinfected and other props bathed in ultraviolet light overnight to sanitise them.

The drama will explore the man behind famous creations including the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper and the Vitruvian Man.

Turner and De Angelis (Lux Vide)

It also stars Giancarlo Giannini as Leonardo’s master, Andrea del Verrocchio and Matilda De Angelis as his muse Caterina of Cremona.

Details of when the show will be on British screens have not yet been released.


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