Protests over new Indian agri laws

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Indian farmers are threatening to march on New Delhi next week as part of their protests over new agriculture laws.

The demonstration, which comes after a ninth round of talks with the government, will coincide with India’s Republic Day on January 26.

India’s main opposition Congress party is also planning its own protests that day in support of the farmers.

The controversial set of new agriculture laws has caused outrage, not just within India but also prompting protest among Indian communities around the world.

Tens of thousands of farmers have been camping on the outskirts of the capital city for weeks demanding the laws, passed in September, be repealed.

India’s Supreme Court, meanwhile, has halted the implementation of the new farm laws while the matter is considered further.

India’s farmers’ union claims the new laws would hit earnings, lead to the commercialisation of agriculture and encourage cartels.

However, prime minister Narendra Modi says the changes will allow farmers to market their produce more widely and encouraged private investment.


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