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LEFT: Farm family member practicing life-saving skills as part of the FFKS First Aid Awareness Course in Annaclone, County Down.

By Siobhán Sheppard,

Agri Business Development Branch, CAFRE

ABOVE: Pat McNeill and daughter Laura Morgan from Annalcone receiving their Farm Family First aid box after completing the First Aid awareness course.

SINCE March 2018 over 500 farm family members and farm employees throughout Northern Ireland have att-ended First Aid Awareness training provided by CAFRE.

This training is free and covers lifesaving skills which can help all family members and employees deal with an accident on farm. The course covers:

o Dealing with a medical emergency on farm;

o Basic First Aid procedures for common farm based injuries;

o How to use the contents of a First Aid kit; and

o Technologies to aid lone farm workers in an emergency.

During 2019 the aim is to train another 1,000 farm family members and employees throughout Northern Ireland in First Aid … but your help is needed.

The following dates have been set up in various areas across Northern Ireland and you can book a place now. Alternatively your local area can request to host a course in your area.

First Aid Awareness Workshops in your area: October-November 2018

Tuesday, October 16, 7pm at Swatragh Mart, 29 Garvagh Road, Swatragh, BT46 5QE.

Monday, October 22, 7pm at Markethill Mart, Cladymilltown Road, BT60 1RS.

Thursday, November 8, 7pm at Dungannon Mart, 90 Granville Road, Dungannon, BT70 1NJ.

The residents of the County Down village of Annaclone welcomed the recent opportunity for over 35 farmers and family members to become trained in first aid.

Each participant got involved in demonstrating practice lifesaving skills during the workshop and left the training with the new skills, a first aid book and fully stocked farm family first aid box.

Pat McNeill and his daughter Laura Morgan were just one farm family to attend the training.

Pat said: “This training is hopefully something we will never need to use on farm, but if I was faced with an accident then I feel a lot better prepared following the course.”

Living in a rural area can result in longer response times and those initial few minutes could make a real impact on the outcome following an accident.

Pat’s daughter Laura said: “As a farm family member I am likely to come upon a family member following an accident. This course has given me more confidence to do the right thing and hopefully limit the impact the accident could have until the medical team would arrive.”

With up to 100 accidents occurring each month on Northern Ireland farms which need medical attention, training for all farm family members is essential.

Why not organise a workshop in your area, or alternatively attend one of the courses already set up at the locations shown above.

There is no cost to host the training in your area or to attend a pre-arranged course. Every trainee will receive a complimentary First Aid Kit.

A maximum of 20 people can attend. The workshops are very popular– so remember to book your place and don’t miss out by contacting Global Horizon Skills on: 028 8225 6772 or email:

Existing workshops are advertised on CAFRE’s webpage:

This training is provided as part of the Farm Family Key Skills [FFKS] scheme under the Farm Business Improvement Scheme (FBIS) part of the Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020 which receives co-financing from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

Since 2016 over 3,500 farm family members and employees have attended FFKS training across Northern Ireland on Farm Health & Safety, First Aid, Farm Business Taxation and Succession Planning, Pig Health, Biosecurity and Interpretation of Soil Analysis.


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