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Putting restored Taarup harvester through its paces

On Saturday, September 19, Stephen Crawford got the chance to test out his recently restored Taarup single chop harvester and Ford 6x 5000.

The Taarup had originally been sold by Cyril Johnston in 1960 from his Ormeau Road premises to the Ward family at Hillsborough. The 1960 Taarup has been rebuilt from the ground up by John Spratt Engineering in Moneyrea. John and his team have done an excellent job and the harvester performs as it did brand new in 1960.

The harvester is also seen lifting a 10ft sward of grass, with the tractor driven by Francis Henry.

Carting-in duties were carried out by a 1963 Performance Major and Kane trailer driven by Richard Brown and David Wilson.

Stephen would like to thank the Bailie family from Greyabbey for allowing him the opportunity to test the harvester during their final cut of silage in 2020.

Thanks also go to Mervyn Porter for supplying a second trailer.



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