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Quad-X and Blaney Agri top the field

BLANEY Agri and Quad-X, machinery manufacturers based in County Antrim, design and make a range of land management mach-inery, including an extensive range of tractor mowers and models for behind quads or UTVs.

With the recent weeks of sunshine and fresh rainfall, grass has been given a spurt, meaning it is a challenge to manage its growth. Grass should be kept at 5-7cm throughout the growing season since some animals tend to be fussy and not eat grass any longer than about 15cms.

Topping also promotes growth at root level and helps encourage new leaf growth and increases sward density, which reduces the opportunity for weeds to grow, protecting your pastures from the effects of hoof damage in winter.

If grass is allowed to grow too long it will simply fall over, matt together and rot in autumn, allowing no light to the soil which will dramatically reduce the following year’s growth.

Quad-X and Blaney Agri offer a range of mowers, including flail mowers and Power Shredder mowers for both tractor and quad. The tractor mowers are available in six widths from 1.3m/4’4” to 2.7m/9’.

The flail mowers are ideal for general topping of grassland and weeds such as nettles, thistles and docks. This range offers a cost effective solution to grass topping where a fine chop, fuel consumption and time savings are not a priority.

The Power Shredder Mowers have been designed specifically for dealing with heavier vegetation thanks to optimal material flow through the deck and rotor. Using the Power Shredder for grass topping will result in a finer chop and faster travel speed.

In comparison with a tractor topper, the Blaney Agri Tractor Power Shredder is a bigger invest-ment but it avoids the problem of a sward-like finish which can reduce grass growth by leaving larger lengths and clumps of rushes. The Power Shredder chops the rushes and material very finely into a mulch-like material and spreads them more evenly.

Surprisingly, cut rushes contain 70 per cent NPK value of farmyard manure and put humus back into the land. So by using the Tractor Power Shredder to cut rushes you are also fertilising the ground to help boost grass growth and profitability.

Although it is initially cheaper to buy a tractor topper, stones can cause catastrophic damage. The Tractor Shredder is designed with special blades with a double link to prevent damage by being able to tuck up around the rotor. The Tractor Power Shredder is an ideal alternative to a topper and leaves a very tidy finish.

A typical tractor flail mower requires a tractor of 120+ HP. But with most stock farmers using 80-90HP tractors, Blaney Agri has developed a range of Tractor Power Shredders to ensure impressive capabilities with smaller tractors which gives the added advantage of being lighter and causing less damage to the ground.

JP Scullion, development engineer,

says: “The Power Shredder rotor runs at a much higher speed than any tractor flail and up to three times faster than a tractor topper for more cuts per stalk and a finer chop and more importantly greater efficiency. In today’s market, pro-fitability for any farmer is essential and savings must be made where possible.

“The Blaney Agri Tractor Power Shredder has been shown to reduce diesel cost by up to 12 per cent compared to a tractor flail thanks to less load on the engine. It can also work at faster travel speeds on grass, saving valuable time.”

Quad-X also manufactures a range of ATV Wildcut Rotary Mowers and Flail Mowers ideal for topping grass and weeds such as docks, thistles and nettles in areas where tractor access may be difficult. The extreme-duty Wildcut Mower and innovative Power Shredder Mowers are the most capable ATV mowers available and are ideal even if you have heavy 5ft rushes, bracken or heather to cut.

The Quad-X ATV Power Shredder has been designed to shred heavy rushes and other dense vegetation and for pasture topping performs at fast travel speeds and leaves a tidy finish. Considerable investment has

been made in the rotor design which rotates at a higher RPM than a tractor flail, ensuring momentum and faster travel speed.

The Power Shredder chops the grass and other weeds very finely into a mulch-like material and spreads them more evenly.



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