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Rain stops just in time for Sperrin Trec event

TORRENTIAL rain challenged the resolve of riders and organisers alike the day and night before Sperrin TREC event at Cindy’s Yard, Desertmartin on Saturday, October 9. Fortunately, the ground at the venue was well able to drain and the rain stopped just in time for the Open riders to go on their guided course walk.

It was experienced Treccie pathfinder, Jacinta Kincade on her own ‘Shalimar Black Velvet’, who rode first and scored best on the 1km PTV course set on a wide, grassy slope. ‘Tully’s Valley’, ridden by up and coming Treccie, Charlotte Moore, was a very close second and is improving all the time. All 10 riders completed the challenging course, which required good balance in hilly terrain and quick communication between horse and rider to achieve optimal scores.

In the MA immediately following, Jude McConville on ‘Severnuale Ollie’, achieved top MA score for the day. Sperrin TREC awarded their Sperrin Spirit award to Charli Peak for the manner with which she guided her own ‘Lounthwaite Olive’ through the very first PTV course for either one of them.

The Novice riders made up in passion and enthusiasm what they lacked in numbers. By that time of day, the sun made an appearance and the shorter 0.5km PTV course was again a success for all participants. They went from the arena to a slightly sloping field above in their Novice PTV course, which included a wide variety of in-hand and ridden obstacles.

The scores were very close indeed, but Wendy Saunderson and ‘Clara’ found one more point on their round to give them the red rosette. A short practice and coaching section post competition showed vast improvement and huge future promise for Nicky Noonan and Kelly Harkness.


Saturday, October 9

Open PTV+MA: 1) Jacinta Kincade, Shalimar Black Velvet 140; 2) Charlotte Moore, Tully’s Valley 136; 3) Kate Higgins, Mr Finnegan 131; 4) Jude McConville, Severnuale Ollie 126; 5) Jennifer Hamil, Breakfast at Tiffany’s 110; 6) Aoife Douglas, Townend Hot Toddy 108.

Novice PTV: 1) Wendy Saunderson, Clara 122; 2) Kellie Harkness, Willbur 121; 3) Nicky Noonan, Ballybriest Tambo 112.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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