Re-Lite: the high fibre, low starch cube from Bluegrass Horse Feed

Bluegrass Re-Lite BR Farm
NEW PRODUCT: Left, Kenneth Irwin, Managing Director of Bluegrass Horse Feed, pictured with their new product, Re-Lite. (FW25-526NN)

FOLLOWING extensive research and development from their nutritional team over the past 12 months, Bluegrass Horse Feed has developed a new product to join their Extra Pro Range.

Bluegrass Re-Lite has been designed for performance horses that need extra digestive support without the additional calories. This high fibre, low starch cube has been specifically formulated for horses that struggle with cereal sensitivity and digestive issues.

The use of super fibres and oils helps to provide a slow release energy source that is high in fibre, whilst keeping starch levels low. High starch diets can be undesirable for individual horses prone to issues such as colic, laminitis, hindgut acidosis or behavioural problems.

Bluegrass Brand Ambassador, Mackenzie Healy, explained why she likes the new Bluegrass Horse Feed product: “I like knowing that the yeast cultures in the Re-Lite are looking after my horse’s gut health and the proteins are helping with his muscle development.”

Stamm 30®, a premium balancer, is fortified within Re-Lite to provide high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals specifically formulated to meet the requirements of the performance horse. Proprietary yeast cultures in Re-Lite enhance the bioavailability of these nutrients and improve fibre digestion for optimal health and improved performance.

A natural source of Vitamin E is incorporated into Re-Lite for its role as a body-wide anti-oxidant and for essential tissue repair. Coat, skin and joint health are also cared for through the source of flax oil that is high in omega fatty acids (3, 6 and 9).

The nutritional team at Kentucky Equine Research and Bluegrass Horse Feed have been working together to incorporate marine-derived calcium within this new premium performance cube. Research has shown marine-derived calcium to have three key aspects; it stabilises gut PH, improves gastrointestinal health and helps in preventing skeletal issues by improving bone density and strength.

Managing Director of Bluegrass Horse Feed, Kenneth Irwin spoke about the launch of this new premium performance cube: “We have worked hard with the team at Kentucky Equine Research to develop a horse feed that will support the demands without the additional calories and energy to the diet that may be found in our Re-Leve or Re-Solve products. Re-Lite has been formulated to suit those horses struggling with digestive issues or sensitivity to high starch diets. We have had some brilliant feedback from brand ambassadors and customers and are looking forward to hear more after the launch.”


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