Record prices for white Calls at Carlisle Poultry, Waterfowl and Pig Sale

Ducks 27/2/20 SM Farm

A large contingent of people from Northern Ireland headed across the water on Friday, February 21, for the Carlisle Poultry, Waterfowl and Pig Sale taking place the following day.

With more than 3,000 lots being sold across four rings, it was a busy day.

The new record price for Call ducks was for a pair of white Calls owned by Mark Hewertson, which sold for £900. This was shortly followed by another pair of Calls from Richard Bett which also sold for £900. Richard also sold a pair of dark silvers for £320.

In the poultry section top price was paid for a pair of Large Welsummers of £500, whilst in the True bantam section a trio of white Pekins sold for £300, Belgians went for a top price of £110 whilst Seramas made £115. Rosecombs Cuckoo and Colombian sold for £50.

Game birds had a contrast of prices with Modern Game from M & C Dickinson making £20 for a trio and £35 for a pair, showing that a bargain could be had, while the top price was for a trio of Wheaten Modern Game selling for £160.

The Rare breed section witnessed Thuringians selling for £60 and Dorkings making £100. In the heavy soft feather section Faverolles sold for £120.

A dozen dark Maran Hatching eggs sold at over £120 with a lot of hatching eggs available. Caged birds sold from £18 upwards.

It was great to see so many people over and also a lot of birds sold from Northern Ireland breeders. It was estimated that almost a third of the show came from the Province.

A lot of birds where also bought and I am sure that some will be seen in the summer shows here.

n Don’t forget that Balmoral entries are now open, which always signals the start of the summer showing season.


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