Redrock sales still on the up

n A Redrock slurry tanker with trailing shoe attached

REDROCK Machinery is confirming a steady growth in demand across all its product lines at the present time. Driving this welcome trend is the continuing recognition by farmers that they must become more efficient while working more closely with the environment is becoming an ever-more important feature of their business planning for the future.

“Demand for slurry machinery continues unabated,” explained Redrock sales’ manager Mark Linden.

“But where tankers are concerned the big change over recent years has been the additional demand for an attached trailing shoe or dribble bar.

“Currently 90% of orders submitted for a tanker will come with an additional request for some form of surface application system.

“The average tanker size ordered by farmers remains at 2,500 gallons.”

According to Linden, the use of a trailing shoe will reduce the level of ammonia volatilisation by up to 60%, when compared with splash plate spreading systems.

He added: “Emptying rates for a 2,500 gallon tanker with our seven-metre trailing shoe are exactly the same as those achieved when using a splash plate only. So there is absolutely no reduction in time efficiency when it comes to getting slurry out on to the land.”

Redrock’s slurry equipment range will feature prominently on the company’s stand at this year’s Ploughing event.

Linden confirmed that current the Euro:Sterling exchange rate is helping boost Redrock sales in the Republic of Ireland.

“The weaker Sterling is helping export sales from Northern Ireland across the board at the present time,” he said.

“The availability of grants on machinery that will help to reduce ammonia volatilisation rates on Irish farms is also helping to drive demand for our slurry tanker, trailing shoe combinations.

“Orders for slurry pumps are also very strong at the present time.”

Linden also confirmed the growing demand for Total Mixed Ration (TMR) feeding systems at farm level.

All Redrock’s tub feeders are extremely versatile and fully complement the needs of dairy and livestock farmers.

“We will have a twin auger version on our stand at the Ploughing. They are built to last, which reflects the heritage of the entire Redrock equipment range,” Linden further commented.

The Redrock vertical mixer feeder range can mix anything from round or square bales of silage, straw, hay to precision cut silage, maize meal etc. Serrated knives are used to efficiently chop fibrous foodstuffs to the length required for effective mixing and healthy digestion. They are assisted by two ‘counter knives’, which restrict material as it is driven past them by the auger. These come as standard.

The auger incorporates a carefully positioned sweeper arm, which has been specifically designed by Redrock Machinery to give a perfect blend of all selected ingredients – time after time. This ensures an even, fluffy and appetising discharge, which livestock will find palatable and easy to eat.

Linden continued: “Another popular feature on the stand will be a selection of Redrock shear grabs. We are looking forward to large turnout of visitors at this year’s event. Everyone coming onto the Redrock stand will be made more than welcome.”


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