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Reduce your feed bill with Dengie this winter

HIGH quality fibre feeds, such as Dengie Alfa-A Original, can be a great alternative to cereal-based rations for health reasons but, as they also count towards your horse’s fibre intake, they can save you money too. Forage is in short supply in many areas this year and prices are going up as a result, so using a chopped fibre as your bucket feed becomes even more financially attractive.

Alfa-A Original is great value for money, so is beneficial for your pocket as well as your horse at only 28p per scoop* and with 50 Stubbs scoops in each 20kg bag. At 10MJ/kg, Alfa-A Original has a comparable energy level to a typical Cool Mix or Cube, but is significantly lower in starch, only 2%, so is based entirely on slow-release energy. Feeding the chopped fibre will also provide your horse with more chews, increasing saliva production helping to buffer acidity in the digestive tract, as well as keeping the horse occupied for longer.

Alfa-A Original is based on alfalfa, which will provide your horse with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, good levels of calcium, and quality protein. It has also been precision-dried to provide a consistently clean source of fibre.

‘Buster’ is a 15.2 Sports Horse, who is in regular work and competes in all riding club activities. He has ad lib hay, daily turnout and is fed two scoops of Alfa-A Original and 500g of Dengie Performance+ Balancer, which is split over two meals per day. This ration costs his owner Susan £1.59 per day* and provides ‘Buster’ with a fully balanced diet, as well as slow-release energy to support the work he is in.

For good doers and overweight individuals, Dengie’s Hi-Fi Lite is a great low-calorie option. Nutritious alfalfa is blended with high-quality oat straw, which helps to reduce the calorie level. Hi-Fi Lite is lower in sugar (7%) and calories (7.5MJ/kg) compared to an average hay, making it ideal for horses and ponies on a diet, those that need to watch their waistlines and can be used as a partial hay replacer too.

Hi-Fi Lite offers great value for money with 66 scoops per 20kg bale and costing just 20p per scoop*, it offers fantastic nutrition at an affordable price.

‘Sparky’ is a 12hh Welsh cross, who is prone to laminitis and is a very good doer. ‘Sparky’ has soaked hay and restricted turnout to help manage his weight. His owner Sarah feeds him one scoop of Hi-Fi Lite and 30g of Dengie’s Leisure Vits and Mins. The total ration costs her only 39p per day* and would be lower in calories than feeding the recommended amount of a balancer, while still ensuring ‘Sparky’ is getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs. It is also low in sugar and starch, so a very suitable ration for ‘Sparky’, with his history of laminitis.

Using a balancer or vitamin and mineral supplement alongside your fibre feed can often work out more cost effective than a typical mix or cube. Although the initial cost may be higher, balancers and supplements have a much more concentrated feeding rate and so will last longer than feeding the recommended amount of a complete feed.

Speak to a qualified nutritionist for help in streamlining your horse or pony’s diet; removing any unnecessary extras could help you save money, whilst still ensuring that they’re receiving everything they need.

Call the Dengie Feedline on 01621 841188 or go to the website: and complete the Feed Advice Form.

*Prices are based on SRP.

All products are available to buy from good Dengie stockists or to purchase online.

Alfa-A Original- £14.05 – 20kg.

Hi-Fi Lite- £13.27 – 20kg.

Performance+ Balancer – £30.99 – 15kg.

Leisure Vits & Mins – £63.70 – 10kg.

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