Region’s first Nduja from Corndale Farm Charcuterie

Corndale SM Farm

Corndale Farm Free Range Charcuterie, Northern Ireland’s award-winning producer of premium quality cured meats, has launched the region’s first Nduja.

The spreadable salami has been developed by Alastair Crown, founder and managing director of the farm-based business which is based near Limavady in County Londonderry. The small artisan producer has won a string of awards for its salami and chorizo.

Mr Crown, commenting on the new delicacy, says: “We’ve been exploring opportunities for Nduja for some considerable time and been approached by several chefs interested in including it in their dishes and menus.

“We use our own heritage pigs in the product which is based essentially on pork belly with creamy fat from our own free-range animals. And it’s the creaminess of the fat which makes the salami spreadable.

“The meat is then fermented and air-dried in our own chambers before being seasoned with chilli, smoked paprika, roasted Calabrian peppers and some other ingredients which remain a company secret,” adds Mr Crown.

The new Nduja, Mr Crown continues, has already been taste tested by local chefs and produced “immensely positive” reactions. “They loved the rich flavours and quality of the product which will be widely available soon, especially by means of our website,” he adds.

Corndale’s products are all created from the company’s closed herd which is bred naturally on the farm without chemicals and antibiotics.


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