Remember, remember the first of September for hedge-cutting season

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LOOMING: Hedge cutting season is fast approaching.

CALLING all farmers, contractors and landowners: September 1 marks the start of the six month hedge-cutting season where hedges in fields and along roadsides can be cut.

Since the start of March, farmers and landowners have been prevented from trimming hedges to protect nesting birds as part of EU legislation.

This year, thanks to the dry summer weather, it will be great to get hedgecutting work underway at the beginning of the season as the ground is so accessible. So now is the perfect time to plan ahead to ensure you get the perfect hedgecutter on order for the job.

Blaney agri-hedge cutters, which are designed and manufactured in Ahoghill, Ballymena, in County Antrim, are suitable for contractors, farmers or amenities use, with hedge cutters to suit tractors from 40hp.

In designing these machines, Blaney have paid specific attention to reducing running costs of fuel and time, thanks to faster cutting speeds, resulting in faster travel.

Blaney has invested heavily in the advancement of their power shredding technology, to ensure a fine chop even from low power inputs. Their know-how has given them the ability to develop innovative cutting heads – the business end of the hedge cutter.

Blaney Agri are a well-established engineering company with roots going back to the 80s. With decades of experience in the design, development and manufacture of machinery, including flail and shredder mowers, they have an outstanding reputation for innovative cutting-edge machinery.

It was a logical progression for Blaney to apply their technology to develop a range of innovative hedge cutters and verge mowers.

Blaney Agri, part of the Blaney Group, is a local company with big ambitions. Blaney are world leaders in their design and use their knowledge and innovation to succeed in a highly competitive market.

The key to the Blaney’s success is hard work, determination and their design capability coupled with their experience which gives them a unique ability to apply their expertise to custom build machines for their customers.

The technology is advanced and in some cases unique. Driven by engineering ingenuity the R&D team’s agricultural background means they understand the problems their customers face and realise the importance of ensuring all their machinery is simple to use, easy to fit, robust, reliable and ultimately competitively priced.

Blaney’s Northern Ireland location is home to the densest vegetation in Europe which has resulted in machines designed to tackle the toughest conditions. Customers benefit from a conscious ‘over-engineering’ for durability. The Blaney Agri products are all locally made, from start to completion, which involves cutting, folding, welding and assembly all carried out by a highly skilled engineering team in Ahoghill.

The Blaney hedgecutter range is available in four series: Compact, Agri, Agri Pro and Contractor.

The Compact series is ideal for light applications, suitable for landscapers and amenities use.

The Agri series is designed for annual hedge cutting duties, maintaining all laneways, fields and boundary hedges, with 4.5m reach.

The Agri Pro series is ideal for annual hedge cutting duties, maintaining all laneways, fields and boundary hedges.

The Contractor series has a strong robust design to tackle all types of hedges throughout the country, wih up to 6.5m reach.

For those who have special requirements and want a different combination of features, the Blaney hedge cutter is ideal since their efficient design and production techniques allow them to tailor machines. Blaney as an independent and local manufacturer have no links to any other range and so have no restrictions in their design, giving them the ability to give experienced users exactly what they want.

With the state-of-the-art Blaney Agri hedge cutters, lifetime maintenance costs are reduced as a result of painstaking development within the drive system for optimum oil conditioning. This also reduces tractor power input requirements with greater rotor output due to lower energy losses within the system.

Sean Blaney, Chief Engineer, is keen to draw on the company’s engineering expertise and manufacturing experience: “We strive to continually look for possible improvements and incorporate new technologies where possible from product design through to manufacture. We endeavour to maximise our strong engineering ability and tailor our products to suit you, your needs and your budget.”

If you are a contractor considering upgrading your machinery or a farmer investing in a hedge cutter for the first time, or to find out more about the hedge cutters and what they can do, contact Blaney Agri to request a brochure or DVD.

Call 028 25872801

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