Rescued trio learning to live again thanks to The Donkey Sanctuary


EARLY this year, The Donkey Sanctuary’s welfare adviser, Jane Bruce, responded to a concern around some donkeys in Co. Antrim. On arrival at a patch of waste ground, she was shocked to discover three emaciated donkeys living among the carcasses of two other donkeys.

The donkeys had no access to food and water for some time. All of the donkeys’ hip bones and spines were lacking coverage and dramatically prominent.

Despite their horrific living conditions, the donkeys were sweet natured and gentle. Realising the urgency of the situation, Jane contacted the local Council animal welfare authorities who immediately seized the donkeys. At this stage she feared the worst, “I honestly didn’t think they were going to make it due to their weak and emaciated state”.

After the Sanctuary observed all the legalities, the three donkeys were signed into their care. They named the gelding Jazz and the two mares Amelia and Romily. Alarmingly, both mares were discovered to be in foal. Sadly Amelia lost her foal and whilst Romily was in a similar condition they feared the worst for her too. While they were glad to have the donkeys in their care, they knew that a steep road to rehabilitate these animals lay ahead.

Following several months of intense care and a careful feeding regime the donkeys have all steadily put on weight and their health is greatly improved. Amelia, Jazz and Romily have settled into life at The Donkey Sanctuary.

According to Jane “All of the donkeys have become increasingly trusting as they have become accustomed to being handled. Amelia and Jazz really are the best of friends.” She added “Romily and her beautiful foal Ebony are thriving. Ebony is a friendly little foal. As she was born into sanctuary she is immediately trusting and she has never known harsh treatment. She is feeding very well.

“Romily is still on extra feed and she is thriving. It is hard to imagine these are the same donkeys that came into our care early this year.”

The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland is a registered charity (Charity Reg. No. 20032289). If you would like to make a donation to help us care for the donkeys that need us most, please visit To learn more about their Re-homing Scheme please call the welfare team on 00353 2249013.


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